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What Different Types Of Bikes Are There?

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If you are planning on buying or renting a bike when you are inexperienced at cycling, you may be a little confused about all the different types to choose from. Here are the six major bicycle types to get you going.


Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes have wide tyres with lots of tread so that they can be ridden over obstacles and loose dirt. Designed for off-road environments, these bikes have thick durable frames and flat handlebars. They are less efficient when riding on roads and pavements, and are superb for rough terrain.

Road Bikes

Road bikes are designed for smooth man-made surfaces and prioritise weight and speed. As a result, they are thin, light-weight and have skinny tyres. They can be quickly identified by their down-turned handlebars and its rider being more ‘hunched over’. Road bikes can be ridden off-road but are liable to get damaged due to their fragility.

Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes are a type that lies somewhere in between the characteristics of a mountain and road bike. While not as fast or as lightweight as a road bike, they nonetheless are suited to riding off-road and offer a greater degree of comfort.

Commuting Bike

Commuting bikes are designed with all the features that a person may need while riding to work and back every day. Designed for functionality rather than performance, a commuting bike boasts useful amenities such as rear racks, bags, locks, fenders and lights.

Fixed Gear/Track Bike

A track bike is a vehicle that is designed for speed and is like a road bike but with only a single gear. This means that the rider cannot freewheel and can brake by backpedalling.


A BMX is a small bike that is designed for adults and can be used to perform tricks. BMX stands for Bicycle Motor Cross and they are single speed.

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