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How Fit Do You Have To Be For A Cycling Holiday?

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A cycling holiday in the UK or a cycling holiday in Europe is a great way to keep fit and explore different countries. It can be as leisurely as you like or as full on as your needs require. You will get a great sense of achievement from your cycling holiday.

Exploring by bike means you will see things from a different viewpoint. Getting to those places that you may not be able to reach by car. For a successful cycling holiday, we would suggest you have at least a basic level of fitness depending on the level of cycling holiday you choose to do.

That brings us to the common question of “how fit do I need to be for a cycling holiday?” Well, let me explain a bit more

How Fit Do I Need To Be For A Cycling Holiday?

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What Level of Cycling Holiday To Choose?

We have over 100 cycling holidays available which are suitable for all types of fitness – from beginner to the more experienced cyclist. You can find more information about our level grading and also see what tours we have available via our tour selector.

We have also added some handy sections into our website to make it easier for you to find the right type of holiday. These are:

If you are looking for a more experienced cycling holiday head straight to our sporting holiday page which means you can select your self-guided or guided holiday much more efficiently.

Even if you have never been on a cycling holiday before, you can still enjoy your bike tour as you should have the chance to gain fitness and experience pre-tour.

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How To Get Fit For Your Cycling Holiday

Here at Hooked on Cycling, we suggest you should have a basic level of fitness to make your holiday more enjoyable.

In the months leading up to your bike tour, you should aim to start going out at least once or twice a week on your bike. If you can’t manage more than once, then just make sure each time you go out you do a bit more mileage than the previous occasion.

If biking isn’t always an option, you can also go walking, or to the gym or do just general exercises which will mean you will gain some level of fitness.  This would mean our Level 1 or Level 2 cycling holidays would be ideal for you and you will more than likely find them very enjoyable.

Cycling along the River Rhone

If the weather is stopping you going out on your bike, then you could try a turbo trainer. This would mean you can set up your bike inside and pedal away. Remember to check the terrain of the cycling holiday you have chosen. As if some of the days have hills then you would need to make sure you include some hills into your training rides.  Remember to pace yourself, there is no need to cycle at a fast speed, it isn’t a race. Slow travel is the best way to see places.

Remember, if you have booked on to a level 3 or 4 cycling holiday, you will need to make sure you have more than a basic fitness level. Our challenging cycling holidays require a good level of experience and fitness before they are undertaken.

General Cycling Holiday Tips

When heading out on your own bike prior to the cycling holiday, make sure you are going out on your bike rides using a similar type of bike to the one you will get on your holiday. If you don’t have the right type of bike you could try to rent a bike from a local bike shop so you can practice.

Most of our cycling holidays have bike rental available and these are hybrid bikes which in some countries are called trekking bikes. They have a more upright riding position compared to a race bike.

As you will be cycling most days (unless the holiday you selected has a rest day) you are best bringing on your bike tour a pair of padded shorts or a padded gel seat cover so you don’t get too sore.

If you require any help or have any questions regarding bike rental or our holidays, then please let us know.

First published March 2016

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