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If you are thinking of booking a holiday with us and you have questions that you would like answering before you send us your booking, then why not check out our FAQ page first. Most questions asked by our guests are covered on this page. If you are looking for availability for a certain tour then please contact us by email or phone so we can contact you directly.

If you don’t see the question you need answering on this page then send us an email and we would be more than happy to help answer them for you.


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    1. Sammie

      Hi Ed, We will check on Monday once we are back in the office and will let you know what the availability is.


    1. Sammie

      Hi Alan

      Yes luggage transfers are included on all our moving on tours. If you look at the whats included table at the bottom of each tour page you will see luggage transfers mentioned.

      If you need anymore help just let us know

      Regards Sammie

  1. GN

    Dear Friends:

    Do you offer self-guided tours along the ocean coast of Portugal?
    Thank you in advance for your prompt reply.

  2. Grant Coates

    My wife & I are interested in doing a self guided cycle trip in Spain in Oct/15. Your Island of Majorca trip looks interesting. Is it popular? Which of your trips in Spain are ranked highest by your clients?

    Grant Coates
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

  3. Bill Magee

    Tell me the cost of your White Village Andulusia biking tour for two adults. This will be around Sept 13-15 for a start time.

  4. danny hasson

    we are planing to land in rome on the 8th of July and we have 10 days before we leave back home. we are family of 5 :44,44,14,12 and 6 years old. we love self biking tour and we had an excellent experience in the Netherland 2 years ago (4 days, 40 km per day, GPS, 4 bikes and a trolly).
    We would like to take one of the biking tour in tuscany, we liked the one from piza to florence but we can take any other recommended tour. my questions are:
    what kind of bike we can rent, do you have a tanden for the 6 years old girl (do you have a photo of the bikes and tanden?
    do you think we should rent a car in rome for the 10 days? can we get there by easy public transportation?
    can we rent a gps with the route?
    which tour in tuscany will be the best for our family?
    what accessories you supply with the bike?
    can you recommend a hotel in rome for the last night?

  5. tanya

    hi there!
    Could u tell me, do u have a bicycle rental? We are interested in renting two hybrid bikes for 20-30 August.

    1. Sammie

      Hi Tanya, If you are local to our office in Bathgate, West Lothian then yes we do have bike rental from our bike shop. However if you are looking for bike rental without a holiday abroad then no we cannot provide just bike rental. If you are looking for bike rental from our bike shop please give us a call so we can check availability on 01506 631 919.

  6. Alan

    My wife and I are thinking about Italy bike trip….very athletic 62/54. We ride a tandem and would like to do 10-14 day trip covering some of the course of the Giro. We don’t drink and are not the fancy type but do require a quality bike. Our schedule is flexible as we’re both retired from our day jobs.. Can you help us?

  7. Linda Barnes

    Is there any availability in October for the guided tour Istria by bike and boat?
    It would be a first cycle holiday for my husband and I , who are novices.

    Than you


  8. Dom

    Hi – we’re interested in your Rhodes cycling tour – just a couple of questions we’d like to ask if possible – We’d be flying from Liverpool and the one flight we can get doesn’t arrive at Rhodes until 22:45 in the evening – would we be able to do the free transfer at that time?

    Also, we’d be looking to spend a week in Symi after the tour and wondered whether it would be possible to keep the bikes for another week and return them prior to leaving?

    1. Sammie

      Hi Dom, Thank you for your message. Apologies for the delay in replying. Yes you can get the free transfer at that time. Unfortunately we cannot rent bikes to you after the tour for tax reasons but we can let you know the local bike contact and you can arrange direct with them if they would rent bikes to you directly. Regards Sammie

  9. Katherine

    We are going to Rhodes in late September and have only 6 nights available. Would it be possible to modify your self guided trip for fewer days?

    1. Sammie

      Hi Katherine, Thank you for contacting us. Yes this is possible, you could take out the day 3 (city walk/trip to Symi) or one of the loop rides. Just let us know on your booking form which day you would like to take out. Regards Sammie

  10. Eric


    could I make a suggestion for your tour selector page? It would be really useful if you could indicate which tours are circular (i.e. start point = end point) or are single-centre based.

    This would allow me to quickly see which, if any, tours are suitable for taking our recumbent trikes to the starting point by car.

    Another useful indicator would be to show when GPS route data is available (or, at least, to show an evaluation profile for each day’s route).


    1. Sammie

      Hi there, thank you for your suggestions we will take this into consideration once our busy season is over. If you could send us an email with what areas you are interested in, we can let you know which tours may be suitable for you. Regards Sammie

  11. Eric

    oops … in the last sentence that should have been “elevation profile” and not “evaluation profile” (pesky spell-checker and fat fingers!)

  12. Tony Houlihan

    We have booked hybrid bikes for the coast to coast self guided tour. Are they fitted with pannier racks or must we use rucksacks for our day ride stuff?

    1. Sammie

      Hi Tony, Jon replied to Clare’s email yesterday morning regarding pannier racks and bags. Did she get the reply ok? Regards Sammie

  13. marian

    Before we commit to booking the independent cycling holiday in Corfu, I need to know more about the hotels. I need to know the outlook (i.e.views), and type of hotels, (i.e. either traditional or modern) size (i.e.number of bedrooms) apart from just the information given of 3/4 star hotel.

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