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Top 3 Must Haves For Cycling

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Whether you are out cycling locally or going abroad on a cycling holiday there are some must-have essentials for cycling that we think you should not go without. There are many other essentials we could list but there are our top three.

Our Must-Haves For Cycling

Cycling Helmet

Wear a Helmet

When out cycling a helmet is a top priority; the amount of cyclists we see about without one is unreal and very dangerous. If you fall or get knocked down and bang your head then it could really mean a serious head injury or worse. Wearing a helmet means if you do have an accident then your head is protected and it will give you a better chance of surviving. Why would someone not want to protect themselves while out and about is a mystery? In some countries it is a legal requirement to wear helmets for example Spain so makes sure you wear one. If going on one of our cycling holidays we do not provide hire helmets on any of our tours. Guests are always advised to bring their own. This is because we can not guarantee the condition of the helmet; imagine the previous wearer dropped the helmet and then you had an accident, the helmet could break and not protect you in any way. It also isn’t very hygienic wearing a helmet that someone else has been wearing. Make sure you take your own or buy a helmet locally.

cyclists in path

Comfy and Appropriate Clothing

If out cycling you can often get a sore derrière so to help stop getting sore we would advise you to wear padded shorts (they can be worn under trousers if needed). You also may want to wear comfy clothing; this doesn’t have to be cycling clothes aka Lycra. You don’t have to spend hundreds on the best cycling clothes (unless you really want to) If you are wearing comfortable clothes then you will feel better on the bike.

Relaxing while cycling

Enough Food and Liquid

While out cycling is it always good to have enough supplies with you of food and drink. If you know you will be able to top up your bottles along the way then that’s great make sure you stop and top up, otherwise pack wisely and include enough to last you on your ride. Same goes for food, make sure you have enough to give you an extra energy boost to get you back safely. Stop often if needed and enjoy your cycle ride.

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