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Some Must Have Hiking Essentials For While Out Hiking

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Before going out hiking, you must always do a check of your hiking kit before you head out. We all have our must-have hiking essentials when we are out hiking, so some items may differ from person to person. What you take with you will also depend if you are going on a day hike or if you are going on a longer trip where you may be carrying your own luggage.

On our walking holidays, all you need to make sure is that you have your day hike essentials with you. Why? Well, we organise door to door luggage transfers for your main luggage.

However, we find we always take certain hiking necessities that are invaluable for us when we are out hiking, whether it be at home locally or when we go abroad and hike in a foreign country.

Good Pair of Hiking Boots

While out hiking we are always wearing our hiking boots to protect our feet and ankles, however, having a well fitting pair of boots makes hiking a lot easier. Trying to find the right pair can sometimes take some time and we would suggest you go to your local outdoor specialist shop to try on different brands as they are all different. They shouldn’t be too tight as this can lead to blisters and pain while out hiking. We also suggest taking a couple of pairs of hiking socks with you. As a good pair of hiking socks will help prevent rubbing too and help prevent blisters. It is also a worthwhile investment if you purchase hiking boots that are waterproof with for example Gore-tex. You can also read about hiking shoes vs trainers.

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Hiking Day Backpack

Another item of essential day hiking gear is a good quality backpack, that will see you through your hiking days. For a day hike, a 20-30l backpack should be ample for yourself. If you are out hiking with children or just taking one backpack between a group of you, then you may want a slightly bigger hiking backpack. Inside your backpack we would suggest you invest in some dry sacks, these are great for keeping your items dry. If your backpack doesn’t come with a waterproof cover built in, then one may come in handy if you are going to be hiking somewhere that rains often.

GPS Device

A great hiking gadget to have while you are out hiking is a GPS Device. It’s great to be able to pin point exactly where you are especially if you are not the greatest at map reading. You can also load on your routes before you go and follow them alongside your route instructions. Which again is a great idea and one less thing to worry about.

Hiking Tip: Make sure you have your GPS device fully charged before you head out on the trails, and have paper maps with you in case the worse does happen so you can find your way without the device.

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The Right Trekking Clothes

First, you have to think about where you will be hiking and what the weather may be like. We recommend quick-drying clothes as some of the best hiking clothes, as they are great if you get caught in a down pour. They are also useful for keeping you dry in the heat as most have a wicking fabric to keep moisture away from the skin.

For example, if you are out hiking in Scotland, then you will also need extra layers in case it is chilly. Oh and a good set of waterproofs as it can rain in Scotland!

So remember to buy hiking clothes based on where you will be hiking. You should not need thick hiking gear if you heading to Spain for a walking holiday. Hiking trousers are also very useful some have zips on them so you can use them as hiking shorts. Great, if you wish to save some money and use them for multiple destinations.

The correct clothing can go a long way when you are out hiking, so do some research before you head out. Always check on the weather and different types of clothing to see if you need anything new before you go on your day hike.

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