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What Tech Do You Need While Hiking?

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Back in the day, there wasn’t much need for tech while out hiking. However, times have changed and there are gadgets for pretty much everything. So the question is really – what tech do you really need while out? There are a few must-haves that come in very handy (especially a camera as listed below). We think it is more down to what you as an individual likes, as we are sure most of the tech is not essential.

What Tech Do You Need While Out Hiking?


Can come in handy when you are out; especially if you don’t have the confidence in map reading. It can also help you navigate when there is poor visibility or just to check where you are. However, we would always advise having a map and compass with you as GPS devices can lose power and you don’t want to be stuck.


Always a pain when out and about and your camera or phone dies. So we love taking a power bank with us for any emergencies. They easily plug into your gadget and provide a full charge. You just have to remember to charge them too before you go out on your hike.

Head Torch

Great to have if you are out during the autumn/winter when it gets dark earlier than in the summer months. Means you can take your time while out on your hike and not need to worry so much. You will still be able to do some map reading and see the path as you go.



A must-have for us to be able to capture the amazing scenery while out about out. It also comes in handy for taking pictures of other members in the group to capture some memories for a photo book/album. Giving the youngest members of the group a camera also keeps them going and stops them complaining so much while out hiking.

Action Camera

We use a Go Pro for doing our videos. However, unless you are wanting to record all your hikes then it isn’t really necessary. If you are just wanting to video small sections, then a decent camera will capture some great videos too. They also take pretty decent pictures if you did want to leave your camera at home.

What tech do you take with you when you go out for a hike?

*images from Cotswolds Outdoors

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