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We have a fantastic range of cycling holidays from which to choose, in wonderful locations such as the Baltic Coast, the Loire Valley, Seville to Cadiz and Scotland. On all of these self guided tours we have both normal hybrid-style bikes as well as E-Bikes (Electric Assist) available for you to use. Ebike holidays are becoming increasingly popular in Europe and all over the world, which is why we now offer them on more tours than ever before.

Why choose an E-bike?

If you are a keen cyclist and used to covering long distances over demanding terrain just for fun, you will undoubtedly be able to keep up with the pace on any of our guided or self-guided breaks. All routes are carefully planned so that they cover a variety of different terrains but are relatively easy for any reasonably fit adult to complete. However, holidays are a time when many people want to relax and take it easy, whether they have booked a traditional beach vacation or an exciting cycling adventure in the Ardèche. An electric assist bike is perfect for those days when you really fancy being out on a bike but would appreciate a little help tackling the hills along the way.

Eco-Friendly Assistance

If you have not been cycling for a few months or are not used to covering so many miles in a single day, our ebikes will help to ensure that you have a fabulous time on your holiday and do not overdo it at any stage of the journey. With a rechargeable electric motor to power the booster that is fitted to each one, our ebikes are environmentally friendly as well as great fun to ride. You will still need to pedal your bike but can gain from having a little bit of assistance whenever you need it. If you would like more information about E-bikes, please check out our EBIKE FAQ page.

Stunning Scenery

We have carefully selected what we consider to be some of the most beautiful destinations in Europe to include in the itineraries of our cycling holidays. Whether you would like to immerse yourself in history by following a route along Hadrian’s Wall or spend a week discovering the wonderful food of Provence in France, you can be sure of spectacular scenery along the way. Our tours are intended to be a marvellous experience for all the senses and we aim to ensure that everybody who completes one has an unforgettable holiday.

Further Information and Bookings

If you would like to make a booking or find out more about our ebikes, please feel free to call on the number provided or send us an email at your convenience. Our friendly team of advisers will be more than happy to provide any assistance you may need and to furnish you with any details that you may require before making a booking. We look forward to seeing you on one of our cycling adventures in the very near future.

All tours on this page are also available with normal hybrid style bikes as well as e-bikes.

Bolzano to Venice

7 Nights
Available every Saturday, Sunday March 21st to October 17th, Tuesdays and Wednesdays 14th April to 30th September.
from £678

Black Forest in Germany

6 Nights
Available on Sundays and Mondays from 20th April to 5th October
from £717

Biking in the Finnish Archipelago

6 Nights
Available on Sundays from 14th June to 23rd August.
from £865

Bavarian Lakes Cycle Tour

7 Nights
Available daily from 11th April to 5th September
from £792

Bavarian Beer Cycle Tour

8 Nights
Available daily from 13th April to 11th October
from £625

Austrian Lakes Family Cycle Tour

7 Nights
Available daily 11th April to 10th October
from £667