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Channel Islands

Hooked on Walking has developed an easy guided walking holiday in the Channel Islands for hiking holidaymakers of all experience levels, from those embarking upon their very first hiking holiday, to travellers who love nothing more than to traverse new and exciting destinations across the globe by foot.

If you have long wanted to visit the Channel Islands with their spectacular scenery, fantastic seafood offerings, and more than 5,000 years of a proud culture, heritage and history, then our walking holiday of the Channel Islands is sure to appeal to you!

The Channel Islands

The Channel Islands of Jersey, Guernsey and Sark are located off the French coast of Normandy in the English Channel, the famed stretch of water that separates the southern English coastline from the northern coast of France. These are the three largest islands in the archipelago, and unlike some of the smaller islands, they are inhabited all year round.

Along with the striking natural scenery that’s fantastic to hike amongst, the Channel Islands are also notable for their rich heritage and history, with the earliest evidence of human occupation dating back 250,000 years. The evidence of this is still visible today and some of the most popular places of interest to visit on a walking holiday of the Channel Islands are the many archaeological sites that dot these pretty isles.

What You’ll See on a Walking Holiday of the Channel Islands

With each of the three islands boasting its own unique charm, you’re sure to see and experience more than you imagined possible on your walking tour. Jersey boasts numerous magnificent cliffs which offer spectacular views of its bays and the surrounding islands, and along with its pretty capital of Saint-Helier, there’s also the charming anchorage of Bouley and Rozel Bays and the aptly named Satan’s Hole.

Guernsey, the second-largest of the Channel Islands that you’ll visit, is a one-hour boat ride from Jersey. Some of the many notable places of interest include the hike from Jerbourg Cape to Saint-Peter through the pretty beach of Fermain Bay, along with Elizabeth Castle, the island’s sophisticated dock and a stylish shopping area.

The smallest of the Channel Islands you’ll explore on your walking holiday, Sark, has plenty to offer and although significantly smaller in size, what it lacks in area it more than makes up for in charm. This is a very attractive island with beautiful scenery, no vehicular traffic and a wonderfully relaxed pace of life that must be experienced.

The unique character of the Islands is a drawcard in itself. Whilst they are undeniably British, they have a slight but noticeable French influence which adds to their unique qualities. History enthusiasts will know well that during WWII Germany invaded the Islands, and there are still many relics from that time which can be visited on our easy walking tour, including concealed hospitals and the battlements clearly visible along the coastline. To learn more about Hooked on Walking’s fantastic Channel Island walking holiday, please click on the link below.

Walking in the Channel Islands

Cycling in the Brittany & Jersey region of France

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Channel Islands

Channel Islands: Jersey, Guernsey and Sark

Duration: 7 nights
Difficulty: Level 1-2
Tour Type: Self Guided
Availability: Daily 1st April to 23rd October
Starting Location: St Malo

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