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In our selection of Easy Cycling Holidays, we have compiled our tours which are all aimed towards the person that would firmly put the holiday part of Cycling Holiday first.  All the tours below have been designed to be less strenuous, allowing for a greater portion of time to be available for sight seeing and relaxing.  There will be very little in the way of hills and most will follow mainly cycle paths or very quiet roads.

Want more of a challenge? Why not check out our next level up, Easy to Moderate Cycling Holidays.

Easy Cycling Holidays

The Greenways of Catalonia

5 Nights
Available daily on 15th March to 27th October
from £564

Moselle & Rhine Valley

7 Nights
Available Fridays and Saturdays from 24th May to 14th September.
from £638

Historical Verona to Florence

6 Nights
Available on Saturdays, from April 6th to October 26th (not between 30/6-30/8)
from £853

Danube Cycle Path For Families

9 or 10 Nights
Available daily from 13th April to 13th October
from £725

Family Self Guided Cycling Tour by Lake Garda

6 Nights
Available daily 6th April to 5th October
from £548

The Historic Cities and Windmills of Holland

7 Nights
Available daily (except Fridays) from 1st April to 23rd September.
from £790

Scotland’s Family Lakes and Castles Cycle

6 Nights
Available daily from April to September
from £545

Cruise from Passau to Budapest on MS Carissima

7 Nights
Available every Sunday 28th April to October 6th (last departure)
from £848

Danube Cycle Way – Passau to Vienna

7 or 8 Nights
Available daily from 13th April to 13th October
from £535

Cycling Holiday Around Lake Constance

5 or 6 Nights
Available daily from March 29th to October 20th
from £514

Jewels of Venice Cycle Tour

4 or 7 Nights
Available Saturday and Sunday or every Tuesday & Wednesday from Mestre (Venice) from 23rd March to 26th October
from £424

Fixed Location in the Tyrol

6 Nights
Available Sundays from 28th April to 6th October
from £568

Vineyards to the Ocean in France

7 Nights
Available on any day (except Thursdays) from April to October
from £1115

Cycle Tour in Camargue, Provence

7 Nights
Available Saturdays 16th March – 26th October (other days with a supplement)
from £817

Cycle the Catalonia Cycle Ways

6 Nights
Available daily April - November
from £782

Family Cycle Tour in Tuscany

7 Nights
Available from 1st March – 30th November
from £474

Italy by Bike and Barge

7 Nights
Available on selected dates
from £956

Germany’s River Rhine – Mainz to Cologne

6 Nights
Available daily from April 19th to October 6th
from £572

Germany’s River Main Cycle Tour

7 Nights
Available on Saturday & Sunday from 4th May to 29th September
from £714

Cycle along the Canal du Midi

6 Nights
Available daily from 1st April to 31st October
from £658