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Cycling Testimonials

All four of us are delighted with our holiday so far, thank you.  The bikes are great, hotels just right, and the cycle routes outstanding.  The GPS guide and all the information provided in advance are super helpful. I’ll pass the link on to my companions to send you photos if we have any good ones. (2024)


Gina Campbell - UK, Peloponnese

We enjoyed the ride thanks. The guy who handed over the bikes and maps was excellent – very friendly, helpful & gave us some great tips. Both hotels we stayed in were superb – could not fault them. (2023)

Patty McLoughlin, Australia - Algarve to Andalusia

We enjoyed the trip very much. The bike rental representative was very helpful and accommodating. This is no reflection on Hooked on Cycling, but I will mention the electric bike. It was jolly heavy and for a road cyclist like myself not the joyful ride I am used to. In the info pack you sent mentioned it would not get up the last day’s climb however I had no problem. I used the assistance conservatively and always had at least three bars left at the end of the day. It was interesting to try out an electric bike. I don’t think I buy one or not that sort in any case. It is a clunky beast.

The last two hotels were great and we ate at The Poseidon two of the evenings. The routes were good and as mentioned we did enjoy the trip. (2023)

Sylvia Foster, UK - Island of  Kefalonia Cycling , Greece

We both enjoyed the holiday, hotels and routes. We cycled 4 out of six days and avoided the worst weather.  The support was very good. We have the whole holiday filmed on you tube! (2023)

Professor Nigel Groome, UK - Minho to Porto

The trip was great, and we appreciate all the help you provided for our extra bookings and getting our bike bags transferred.  The hotel in Pitigliano was excellent (2023)

Martin Suechting, USA - Italy Coast to Coast

Great holiday with everything very good as indicated above on the survey. My only recommendation would be that you give us cycling instructions from the train station in Vienna to the hotel. (2023)

Margaret Miles, UK - Salzburg to Vienna  Austria

We would recommend renting a GPS device. The tour was great and the accommodation was all very good, the Parador chain of hotels was very good in particular. (2023)

Richard Hope, USA - Seville to Cadiz

Sorry I haven’t got back to you sooner. We had a great time and great weather all the way! I will email photos over the next couple of days. (2023)

Julie Beuth, Australia - Beer Tour Germany

A fabulous trip, lovely accommodation . One thing I have enjoyed on previous Hooked on Cycling trips, is the fact that I can eat out in local restaurants (e.g. Italy Coast to Coast). I couldn’t do that this time, because the accommodation was bed, breakfast & dinner. While the food provided by the hotels was good, it is not the same as eating in a restaurant. I understand that Majorca is geared to mass tourism and, based on what I saw, eating out in local restaurants is probably not the same experience as it is in other parts of the world (including other parts of Spain). (2023)

Kevin Woods, UK - Majorca by Road Bike

Beautiful scenery and buildings . Loving the cycling and wonderful weather . (2023)

Margaret Miles, UK  - Salzburg to Vienna

We had such a good time on your Scotland e-bike trip (2023)

Ed Odecki,  Canada - Lochs Galore Scotland

Everything has been great.  We appreciate your flexibility and the places we have stayed have been great. (2023)

Doug Cochran, Canada - Family Lakes and Castles Scotland

We had a fantastic holiday.  We loved all the towns that we visited in particular Biertan and Sibiu.  The hotels were all excellent.  The electric bikes were great – we were very pleased to have chosen electric bikes as it was quite hilly.  Violetta, the contact in Transylvania, was very helpful, there was a muddle with one of the chargers we were issued with and she sorted it out for us – luckily we had enough charge for 2 day!  We loved the Romanian people that we met – they were extremely friendly.  The countryside and churches and farming were amazing. (2023)

Anna Righton, UK - Transylvania  Romania

We had a great time cycling the Moselle and Rhine.  Everything was fine with good hotels, friendly staff and a lovely route to cycle. (2023)

Wendy Bisiker, UK - Moselle Rhine Cycling

Thank you for the holiday. The routes were carefully chosen and the hire bike performed well. The accommodation was excellent and my bag was reliably transported. (2023)

Jeanne Smith, UK - Hadrian Wall and English Lakes

All is well.  Lovely day yesterday with Doune Castle and Deanston Distillery. Truly feel I’ve had the Scottish vacation experience now. 

Also, can’t say enough good things about Westcot Bed and Breakfast. Stephanie is lovely and these breakfasts are ALL homemade from scratch. She’s an amazing baker. Asked if she’d consider living in the states, but then I’d weigh 400 pounds. Would stay here the entire summer and be happy. (2023)

Brad Weisenstein, USA - Lochs Galore

Quick note to say the trip has been brilliant so far.  What a fabulous way to explore the towns along the Danube.   The bikes have been brilliant and accommodation a nice mix of hotels and local guest houses.  Luggage transfer works a treat.  We’re having a ball. Thanks so much. (2023)

Fiona Schinck, Australia - River Danube Austria

We have finished the Loch’s Galore tour and we are already back in Edinburgh where we spend a few more days. Everything has worked out so far, we had no bike incidents and we have enjoyed the tour very much. (2023)

Arnold Sutter, Switzerland - Lochs Galore

 Despite a little  “Scottish” rainy weather, the beautiful views compensated us for all the inconveniences. Almost no tourists, the amazing atmosphere of these places will remain in our memory for a long time. Quiet little villages, tranquility, magnificent panorama of the Scottish mountains , tiny churches and lots of rams in the meadows. Very well developed routes in the application on the phone guaranteed us that we would not get lost anywhere. Recommended for anyone who wants a break from the city and loves nature. (2023)

Waldemar Wiśniewski, Germany - Lochs Galore Scotland

The route was generally great – Verona was lovely. The ferry trip across Lake Garda was long with few facilities on board. Padua was really nice to visit. Overall it was a nice trip – less energetic than other bike tours and very scenic. (2023)

Heather Stevenson, UK -  Bolzano to Venice

The scenery was fantastic! All the breakfasts were excellent, in particular the one in the hotel in Porto. We enjoyed the diverse locations and there was good choices of end destinations, the app worked well, however, there were a few times when the information was incorrect (it brought us to the rear gate of the Quinta in Ponte de Lima, which was not accessible) The distances we rode each day and the surfaces we rode on were good. We liked that we did little riding on busy roads.  The bikes worked despite lights and fenders coming loose. The transfers to the start of our biking and to the airport at the end were punctual and comfortable.  There was a mix up with rooms/beds for extra nights at the end of the tour. We were provided with 2 double beds instead of single beds. Everything considered, I would use you again if doing a bike tour and I would recommend it to others. FYI, one of the people in our tour group is a professional travel writer. (2023)

Laura Senecal, Canada - Minho to Porto Portugal

In general, we had a very enjoyable holiday. The destinations and routes were well chosen and very suitable with a balanced ratio of cycling to sightseeing -thank you. (2023)

Mark Dodwell, UK - Peloponnese Greece

We have completed the North Corsica Road Cycling trip.  The cycling experience was amazing ,  hotels selected were good to great  and the bikes were very good. The last hotel chosen is not practical for those taking the ferry.

Looking forward to the three other trips we have booked. (2023)

Kyle Gimpl – Canada, Island of Corsica by Road Bike

We had a very nice self-guided tour. The weather was wet and cool, but we were prepared for that with our rain jackets, rain pants, and rain booties. Thank you for providing large panniers to enable us to carry all our rain gear. The only serious problem we ran into was the last hour of the tour in Budapest. We had been relying on the GPS route you sent me. Your GPS route worked great until Budapest. The tour boat let us off on the Pest side, but the GPS did not have a route from Pest to the hotel. The sun was setting and we had to ride on very busy streets in Budapest on a Friday rush hour at sunset. Trying to get to your GPS route from the Buda cruise port to the hotel, we ended up in a tunnel under the Buda Castle with lots of traffic. It was scary. It was an unpleasant way to end a wonderful tour. Otherwise, it was a very nice tour. I would recommend you to friends. (2022)

David Pinkernell, USA - Vienna to Budapest

The holiday was a great experience.  Very good routes and bed and breakfasts.  Magic is cycling into Burford on Sunday in the dark with a nice moon and church bells. I shall do another holiday with you. (2022)

Nigel Groome, UK - Cycling in Cotswolds

Now that the dust has settled and we are back to normal life, I’d like to thank you for the lovely trip to Portugal. Your service providers were excellent, apart from two glitches that you already know of: the first night, when we arrived late and the hotel was completely dark, as you know we had to rely on the lovely guy who picked us up from the airport to harness the emergency service to get the entry code and room details. Apart from that, everyone was extremely nice and helpful. The trail was great, well-maintained and signed, and the shortening of the last day’s itinerary was much appreciated. Even with 50 km on that day, it was the toughest day.   Thanks again, and we look forward to future trips! (2022)

Tamar Sadeh, Israel - Porto to Lisbon

We had a lovely holiday first booked in 2020! All the hotels had great staff and service. (2022)

Martin Suechting, USA  - Bavarian Lakes by Road Bike

As always, a good route, a few problems negotiating the routes through cities but a really great adventure. All in all a great job from your end as we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
One final thought… it would be a much better idea to give customers who have paid for their suppers in advance, a lump sum towards their meal so that if they do not want to stick to the sometimes v limited menu they can choose their own meal and pay the extra (2022)

Alistair Mulvaney, UK - Vienna to Budapest

Just back home last night after an extra night in the lovely city of Porto. We had a great holiday thanks. A very nice mix of traditional,  rural and modern hotels. The route was very enjoyable although described as a grade 1-2 difficulty , we found it harder than we were expecting with a lot of hilly sections. Maybe e bikes next time !!. Enjoyed the challenge though. We did have a problem with one of the girl’s bikes ,but this was quickly fixed by your team. The GPS app worked well. We were a bit wary of that having had printed booklet in the past but it worked well. Just had to use google maps for the hotel in Vila  do Conde, as finishing point wasn’t quite right on the app. These were  just minor issues and we had a really good trip and look forward to more in the future. (2022)

Martin Hargreaves, UK - Minho to Porto Portugal

Loved the holiday. The only issues were with the food sometimes due to our allergies mainly. The cook did not wash the lettuce in the salads and so it was a bit gritty at times. The mustard soup and mini pizzas served one day for lunch were not sufficient for people who were cycling. Everyone ate a lot of cookies and crisps that afternoon. Lastly, my husband is allergic to gluten so cannot drink beer and does not like wine. (He bought his own whisky and gin and mixers.) We asked for a reduction of the beverage fee and the captain agreed to half for him. (2022)

Hae Jung Cho, US - Scotland Bike and Boat

We just finished our fourth trip with you.  Our hotels were very good.  The first bike that I was given needed a service, I couldn’t change gears properly.  I spoke to the man at the hotel in Gouda the first night and he took care of it and got me a new bike for the next day, no problem.  It had been serviced, and I could change the gears.  Yay!   The signage for the navigation was excellent, definitely the best we have ever had, it is so nice not to get lost. (2022)

Richard Hope, Canada - Amsterdam to Brussels

We are recently returned from the cycling trip to Catalonia, which was mostly great. The bikes were really good except we found the saddles a little uncomfortable for us. Maps were great, the app was particularly helpful and worked really well. The first hotel was our favourite, the hosts were really lovely and provided great meals too. (2022)

Patti McCarthy, UK - Family in Catalonia Farmhouses

Marc and I just want to thank you and your colleagues for a wonderful vacation.  Everything went very well. (2022)

Olaf Stauve, USA - Canal du Midi

We really enjoyed the trip. We have a few problems on the train getting from Vienna airport to catching the train to Passau. The hotel in Maria Taferl was wonderful (2022)

Alistair Mulvaney, UK - Danube Passau to Vienna.

We enjoyed the tour very much. The route was nice and the hotels were good, the one in Perth stood out due to high level of service and attention to detail (2022)

Ehud Kaplan, Israel - Castle Crusade Scotland

We loved the cycle tour and the weather was superb. The food at the Ballygrant Inn is excellent.  Hunters on Arran and Glenmachrie were exceptional. During our holiday there were some disruptions with the ferries (one ferry broke down, and change in ferry schedules).  The luggage transport worked out well.
For us the day trip on Islay is too long, so we spread it over 2 days after the ferry to Colonsay was completely cancelled at short notice. (2022)

Charlotte Gierath, Switzerland - Scottish Island Hopping

This was a lovely tour and really enjoyed it. Hotel de la Poste in Mortain was exceptional and had wonderful service. We much prefer the smaller hotels and this was one of them along with Le Vauban in Carentan. (2022)

Stephen Tweedie, UK - D Day beaches to Mont St Michael

We had a very good holiday cycling in Belgium. The maps and route descriptions were generally good, the bikes worked without problems, bike delivery and baggage transfers all worked very well and generally, the hotels were very good. Cycling in Belgium is just so easy, road and cycle track surfaces were superb, and not a lot of traffic on the roads but the bicycle was king of the road and everyone gave way to you! (2022)

Martin Warren, UK - Brussels to Bruges

We loved this holiday and the way you have structured the routes, the flow of information and your communication is just brilliant. All the accommodation booked was good in particular Knowle House in Callander.

We will definitely do this again on a different package to see more great sights (2022)

Fiona Smith, UK - Lochs Galore Scotland

Really enjoyed the holiday. The ideal combination of cycling and relaxation at the hotel and the Smart App Navigation worked really well. (2022)

Owen Paterson, UK - Marche Cycle Resort Italy

Just a quick note to say THANKS!

I’m wrapping up in Pitlochry, heading for lunch after my morning ride. It was a truly spectacular week. Plenty of challenges on the longer, more rugged rides, and thrilling scenery everywhere. I also had really great weather. Cool breezes, (occasional) blasting sun, and (occasional) drops of rain.

It was a trip two years in the making, and it was worth the wait. Thanks for your help and patience. (2022)

Peter Tschirhart, US - Lochs Galore

The cycle routes were great throughout, although the last route to Blair Castle was a little busier. The scenery was stunning and we met lots of great people along the way. A couple of hill walkers suggested a stop at the Iain Burnett’s Chocolate shop which was well worth the side trip. I would add that to your points of interest. Great to stop for tea and a scone (and chocolate of course). (2022)

Karime Mitha, USA - Lochs Galore

We had a great cycling trip with perfect weather and the hottest day in Scotland! The routes are wonderful, as well as all accommodations. GPS tracks worked really well! (2022)

Claudia Wallner, Austria - Lochs Galore

We did thoroughly enjoy our holiday.  We were very happy with all the hotels (2022)

Annabella Clarke, UK - Brussels to Bruges

This was a great trip. all accommodation was exceptional and the correspondence during the booking are first class. To be clear, the bike folks in Turin were extremely nice, and always reachable and responsive. Much appreciated! And, given the realities of the supply chain, we were happy to get e-bikes at all. But a few little tweaks could make the trip even better. (2022)

Laurance Shames, USA - Tasty Piemonte Italy

Loved the tour. Great accommodations especially Abbotsford and Westlands. (June 2022)

Roger Shaw, USA - Lochs Galore Upgrade Scotland

This was one of the best holidays we’ve had through you. Would have liked details of daily altitude gain on web site. All the hotels were excellent. (June 2022)

Mark Lewsey, UK - Magical Istria by Road Bike

Very much appreciated having the bigger panniers so we didn’t have to use the luggage transfers. Would recommend this as an option to reduce carbon emissions for others as well.  More emphasis on the electric bike battery info would have been useful, in particular the importance of the reset button.

Disappointed there was strict adherence to the cancellation procedure with no flexibility at all even though it was several weeks before our departure date when we had to cancel one of our group.  Overall really loved the holiday! Thank you. (June 2022)

Tamsyn Cowden, UK - Island Hooping Scotland

We had a wonderful time. Nothing could have been better. (June 2022)

Cheryl Botkin, USA - Danube Passau to Vienna

I just wanted to thank you for your great service and help in organizing a wonderful trip!  

Everything went smoothly from start to finish.  My son and I both said that the trip was a 10.  I would highly recommend your company in the future (in fact I just sent your information to someone this afternoon). (June 2022)

Doug Palmer, USA - Danube 4 nights Linz to Vienna

I want to thank you for this trip, which we finally could do after two reschedules due to Covid rules, cycling around Madeira. This trip was great. The hotel selection was very good and the service we got was excellent.

Rannver Edvardsson, Iceland - Madeira Cycling

All hotels on tour were excellent.  Great locations, beautiful rooms and fantastic staff. This holiday was booked at short notice. I was grateful for the time and help given to me to make this happen.  We have been on many of your cycling tours and they have all been excellent. This holiday was one of the best – despite these challenging times.  Thank you. (Oct 2021)

Janet Pollock, UK - Seville to Cadiz

Luggage service was fantastic and reliable. Bike was fine, but rather not have a unisex bike. Hotel Neuenfels in Badenweiler. Great place, friendly couple, great breakfast (Sep 2021)

Brad Weisenstein, USA - South Black Forest Germany

We had an enjoyable holiday, the Hotel am Wald in Bad Tolz was very friendly and helpful. (Sep 2021)

Anthony King, UK - Bavarian Lakes

Recently back from our Cycling trip around the “Castles of the Loire Valley” and we rounded our Holiday with a wine Tour of La Rioja.

With reference to our wonderful cycling tour, and after nearly two years of trying to get to France, we must first thank you and your team in organising it on two previous occasions, which of course ended up rescheduling. The tour itself was professionally organised, the route was easy to navigate, quiet with extremely pleasant roads and tracks, there was enough time during the day to visit the many Chateaus, the tour when it could followed the route of the beautiful la Loire, and when it didn’t it took in delightfully peaceful towns and Hamlets, our luggage was successfully transported each day, and arrived in plenty of time prior to our arrival, the hotels were all proud to display they were fully sanitised,  the hotels were mostly, owned and ran by family’s, on arrival our bikes were always given a secure location, the hotels were all impeccably clean, and the food was of high end restaurant standard.

Julie and I thoroughly enjoyed our first fully organised cycling holiday, and we are looking at doing another in the near future.

Thank you and your team once again Jon, we will be in touch soon. (Sep 2021)

Julie and Steve King, UK - Castles of the Loire Valley

We had a great holiday helped by the weather being kind, great bikes, comfortable places to stay and great food.

Wendy Bisiker, UK - Island Hopping Scotland

The route was excellent. It was varied, interesting, very well signed, and in excellent condition. The scenery was beautiful, and everyone was helpful and kind. We really enjoyed the experience. (Sep 2021)

Tamar Sadeh, USA - Lake Constance 6 Nights

We would like to thank you for organizing our wonderful trip around the lake of Konstanz. We had a fantastic time, even though we started in the pouring rain. Luckily, the weather improved on the second day, and the last three days were beautiful. The route was excellent. It was varied, interesting, very well signed, and in excellent condition. The scenery was beautiful, and everyone was helpful and kind. The hotels were good.


I’d also like to mention your local team, both Ivan and Milna was extremely nice and cooperative. The bikes were good, too. (August 2021)

Tamar Sedah, USA - Lake Constance 6 night tour

It wasn’t clear to us on the last day we would have to make our own way back to Callander to pick up our car. Apart from this, we had a fantastic time. Abbotsford Lodge was exceptional and the bikes we could not fault.   Thank you for all you did Gary & Maria (August 2021)

Gary Rees, UK - Lochs Galore

Enjoyed the holiday. Glen Machrie had a wonderful breakfast. With COVID, I think it’s also helpful to remind people to book in advance the tastings and restaurants that they’d like to visit – July 2021

Shanna Donhauser, UK - Island Hopping by Bike Scotland

All of the accommodation was very individual, comfortable and welcoming. We particularly loved Sylvia who owned and ran the Hollies in Stratford. What a lovely lady. Nothing was too much trouble, she even gave us breakfast at 6.30 this morning. It was a real bonus that we were able to leave our car there in her locked car park while we were away. Otherwise, it would have been very difficult. Very homely and comfortable accommodation. 

The route was excellent, keeping us off the main roads as much as possible. We really enjoyed the Cotswolds countryside and villages. Good choice of towns to stop in, particularly Broadway. Right to have 2 nights there rather than the other places.

The directions given by Komoot were brilliant, kept us right all the time, very easy. It was thoughtful and attentive of you to ring and e-mail me during the trip about the closed railway bridge and a slight detour. We changed things on Komoot and it caused us no issues at all. 

Our luggage arrived at the accommodation before us on all days except one. Just one day it was quite late, not getting there until after 3.30. However, it didn’t matter as we had got changed and gone out for a walk.

I really can’t think of anything I would change about this trip. We had a brilliant holiday,  enjoyed every minute. “ (June 2021)

Helen Banerjee, UK - Shakespeare and Cotswolds

We have had a great trip cycling around Rhode Island. We loved Kalarvarda, nice empty roads, nice restaurants along the beach and a nice little cafe in the market square. The B&B was in a lovely location and w were given a room with a balcony which was a nice touch. In Rhodes, the B&B gave us their best room with private balcony, which was a nice touch, good location and very nice historic setting. (Oct 2020)

Bill Meares - Rhodes Cycling

Overall it was another great holiday and particularly good to be in the towns and cities we visited when they weren’t flooded with tourists. Cycle routes were clear and picturesque. We were surprised there was no welcome meeting though (just a pack left in our room). We did meet the group co-ordinator a few times later in the week everything was fine.  Hotels were the usual good standard other than Hotel Soggiorno Athena in Pisa which was not particularly COVID prepared like the others.  Overall though thanks for another great holiday. (Sep 2020)

Paul Norris – Tuscany Chianti

We had a lovely week in Scotland last week even though we gave up on the cycling!. The accommodation was all lovely and we had some good meals out too!  James is still struggling with his back and is having treatment from the Osteopath – hopefully, we’ll be able to get cycling again soon. (Sep 2020)

Carol O Dwyer – Lochs Galore

Our holiday was a great success. We got back a week before Austria were put on the quarantine list. They were certainly not as COVID strict as Germany! (Sep 2020)

Janet Pollock – Danube Passau to Vienna

We enjoyed our holiday and loved the accommodation. (August 2020)

Wendy Bisiker, UK – Suffolk and Constable Country

Overall a really good tour, scenery, places to see, roads etc) GPS files were difficult to see in the sun. Choice of hotel standards, small,  privately owned is just what we like and that was really good for us. (Aug 2020)

Ian McNuff, UK – Hadrian’s Wall and English Lakes

I’d be delighted to provide some feedback for you. We thoroughly enjoyed the holiday. The weather was not as bad as we thought it might have been, though we cut short the Friday ride due to severe gusting and wet conditions. So, no Scotland, which was a shame.  The routes you provided were excellent: many quiet roads and generally with fine surfaces.

We were delighted to get to the Ryton B&B, which was by far the nicest stop – a spacious room where we could spread out a little. All hosts were very friendly and accommodating. All locations were easy to find and well placed, though there wasn’t much at Ryton!  Fortunately, the adjacent restaurant managed to fit us in.  Otherwise, the booking process was fine and as I say we very much enjoyed the holiday. (Aug 2020)

Dave Wood, UK – Hadrian’s Wall and English Lakes by Road Bike 

I just wanted to say we have arrived back from our amazing holiday. I wanted to say Thank you – it was everything and more. San Snova is an exceptional boa, the crew were fantastic and the food was excellent. We will be booking the South islands cycle holiday with you next year. Many thanks for your excellent service. (August 2020)

Sarah Wilson, UK – Central Dalmatia Bike and Boat

We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday, the accommodation and transfers were first class. The weather was very favourable with only 2 wet mornings! The descriptions for each day were good. (2019)

Christine Broughton, UK – Scottish Island Hopping

Really enjoyed the tour. Loved the accommodations (especially at the Auberge de vigneron in Cucugnan and in Lagrasse), especially when dinner included, because of the late-season most of the towns along the route were quiet and stores in most towns had minimal opening hours.  We modified the route on the last day to go through St Hilare which was really a nice ride. (Oct 2019)

Marianne Peritore, USA – Languedoc and Cathar Castles France

We enjoyed the tour very much, perfect weather helped! The bikes were very good, especially the one I had.

I am glad we had a set of the maps & instructions from you in advance.

It was clear that you were completely on your own, on this tour, but I suppose anyone doing a road bike tour knows how to deal with most mishaps/mechanicals.

The route was lovely with a lot of great roads, the long climbs were all fine, but some days had some unexpected really steep wee ramps (wimps like me might have preferred one more gear, but I did get up everything, so all was manageable)

The app you suggested didn’t work on our phone but GPX Viewer was good to use instead.

The hotels were very good, very clued up & friendly. Montecatini was very easy to access by public transport at the start of the tour. (Oct 2019)

Susan Miller, UK – Tuscany by Road Bike

Accommodation was excellent, Hotel Alexander in Assisi was slightly less than others but still OK.  All other aspects of Hooked on Cycling arrangements on the ride were great. GPS was a big improvement compared to paper navigation. (Oct 2019)

Philip Bolton, Australia – Tuscany to Umbria

The Hotel was great. The owner Marina is awesome. I highly recommend it! (Oct 2019)

Craig Wargon, USA – Italian Cycle Resort

One of the best experiences I’ve ever had!  The team at the Hotel provided “Ritz Carlton” service and food. (Oct 2019)

Aaron Morse, USA – Italian Cycle Resort

Villa Mathilde was absolutely lovely and the food was excellent. The staff were very helpful. The bike tours were really enjoyable, just about the right level for us The instructions were easy to follow. (Oct 2019)

Anne Maskell, UK – Piemonte Fixed Location

Overall a fantastic trip.  NH Hotels great. Hotel in Bornem moderate (it was closed when we arrived but really friendly hosts).

The town of Bornem was disappointing we felt but Gent, Mechelen superb. We took the train from Bornem to Gent so we could tour the castle (audio guide superb!) and churches/museums prior to closing.

Extra night options in Mechelen, Gent and also more than one night extra in Brussels and Brugge would be awesome.

Bikes, delivery and pick up of bikes and luggage superb!  Thank you!!! (Oct 2019)

Tanya Roberts, USA – Brussels to Bruges

We enjoyed the trip. All the arrangements worked very well. There were some sections of the cycle path that were closed due to work & so we ended up on the opposite side of the river, however with the phone app it was easy to self navigate from there. All hotels were well positioned & comfortable & suited purpose. With some of the attractions along the way, we would have appreciated a bit more information as to how to access and whether the entry is permitted and how much time it takes and what is the cost. There is so much to see! Overall we had a wonderful time. Thanks for your excellent suggestions (Sep 2019)

Pauline Martin, UK – Vienna to Salzburg

Overall, the trip was excellent.  This is our 7th bike trip of this kind, and the 5th we’ve done in Europe (the other 2 were in Canada).  For myself, this was my favourite (my husband ranks our Poland trip slightly better).

The electric bikes were excellent, very easy to use and performed near perfectly.  We did find that on the steepest hills we could not get the proper momentum, requiring us to walk them, which was tough given how heavy they are.  I’m not sure if this was a timing issue with getting to the right speed, or if there is a limit to what the bike can do. It didn’t happen often, but my recollection is it happened in the 2 areas of steep switchbacks on Day 2 and approaching Pitlochry on Day 4.  That being said, we are now big fans of electric bikes and probably won’t use any other kind in the future!

As far as the lodging, all were excellent.  The places had very welcoming owners/staff.

We do have some comments on the routes:

Day 1, Callander to Loch Katrine and back
The southerly route, which is your return route, as is scenic.  We didn’t take the boat ride at Loch Katrine but rode as far as we could along the private road.

Day 2, Callander to Killin
Except for the 2 switchback areas noted above, this day was fine.  Gorgeous bike path for the first several miles.  We went to the Mohr 84 hotel café, which was great.  (A route note here – the book says the café is .5 miles from cycle route 7, but it is probably more like .05 miles – it’s right there past the A84 overpass next to the bike path.)  The downhill ride to Killin after crossing the A85 seemed forever, and the track is a bit rough for a while.

Day 3, Killin to Aberfeldy
We chose Option A, along Loch Tay, and it was lovely.  The electric bikes were perfect for the rolling hills along the Loch.  We stopped at the Crannog Centre and took a tour, then went to the Kenmore Hotel and had a nice lunch.  We made a change to the route from here, opting not to go west and to Fortingall.  So instead of continuing on A827, we turned right onto cycle route 7.  It was an absolutely beautiful ride, so you might want to present it as another option.  We arrived in Aberfeldy at 3:00, an hour before check-in, but Mark at Balnearn House graciously let us check in early.

Day 4, Aberfeldy to Pitlochry
Today was probably the best of the 4.  The route was easy and beautiful, and we had perfect weather.  We took the long route to Dunkeld, and are so glad we did.  Just a beautiful town.  The only real issue as noted previously were the hills heading toward Pitlochry – quite steep and tough to get the bikes to go over them even at the highest speed.
All in all, we were really pleased with this trip.  We may be interested in your other Scotland tours in the future. (Sep 2019)

Janet Copeland, Australia – Lochs Galore Scotland

We thoroughly enjoyed the holiday and very briefly my comments and observations are as follows:  Romania exceeded our expectations hugely.  The Hotel Palace Sofrano in Brasov, Alex on the front desk was tremendous.

Punctuality of the ground operator was spot on.  The food at Pensiunea Aliart was a little disappointing.  Fagaras was lovely, Malancrab was a treat and the journey to Biertan Unglerus was great fun.

The food at Peniunea Biohaus was fantastic.  Great hosts and owners should be commended.  Sibiu was a revelation.  Overall came away with a very positive attitude to Romania and we loved it. (Sep 2019)

Sue Owen, UK – Castles of Transylvania

Our first hotel – Hotel Rural Son Jorda – was very good. The breakfast was very good.  We loved our hotel in Pollença and were upgraded to a three-bedroom apartment. The pool and garden are like an oasis in the middle of the town. The breakfast was excellent and there were many great restaurants to try.  We found the route directions very detailed and easy to follow. Most of the routes took us on very quiet country roads making the cycling very relaxing and mostly stress-free. (Sep 2019)

Lesley Blakebrough, UK – Majorca Cycling

We had a fabulous cycling holiday and found most of the important factors to our liking as rated above. (Sep 2019)

Ann Walls, USA – Island Hopping Scotland

The whole experience of booking with Hooked on Cycling was excellent.  We could not fault the trip, thank you. (Sep 2019)

Christine Schaap, Australia – Moselle Bike and Boat

First off i should say your organisation was excellent. The bikes arrived at the hotel the night before with all the relevant equipment. I must admit I thought someone was coming to explain the set up etc but it was not too difficult. The bikes were pretty good and the e-bikes particularly.  The transfers between hotels worked excellently by your people on the ground. The instructions were great. All in all, we will go with you again and I may have to go over to the dark side and get an e-bike if we go for your higher-rated holidays! Thanks very much for the experience (Sep 2019)

Russell Smith, US – Pisa to Florence

We really enjoyed the tour very much. A few minor suggestions. First is for the routes each day it would be helpful to include tourist points of interest along the way, such as castles or other points of interest. We figured it out on our own, but having it marked on the route would be great. In some cases, a small deviation from the route would allow someone to visit a place if they wanted to. So for example on the first day, Hidcote Gardens is only a short detour off the route.  Overall though we enjoyed the trip very much. (Sep 2019)

Vijay de Souza – Cotswolds

This was my third Hooked on Cycling tour in Italy and they have all been excellent: well-chosen central hotels, good bikes, clear directions.  I’m sure we’ll be back again for 2020! (Sep 2019)

Paul Norris, UK – Unknown Umbria Cycling

We overall enjoyed the route and the trail was mostly well maintained. The correspondence before the tour was useful and responsive. The service was good. (Sep 2019)

Lilach O Lerman, Israel – Mainz to Cologne 

We loved the trip and the options to take the ferry or trains if we felt like it. We were a little anxious about not getting a lot of information about the trip prior to the trip. However having done the Sicily trip previously, decided it was unfounded.

A couple of the lunch places suggested on the route were closed and looked as if they had been for some time. (Day 2 and Day 3)

We enjoy having the option of having a day off midtrip – to relax and look around and feel this would be a valuable inclusion. This option was available to us on the Sicily trip but not Venice – Porec.  We upgraded to better quality hotels.

Love the arrows along the way to show the route this saves so much time!!! (Sep 2019)

Julie Morgan, Australia – Venice to Porec

It was a wonderful holiday and I will recommend you to friends and most likely use your company again. (Sep 2019)

Louise Denis Le Seve, UK – Peloponnese Greece

A well-planned tour.  The hosts at the B&Bs were friendly and helpful.  We have recommended Hooked on Cycling to others. (Sep 2019)

Donna Schultz, Canada – Castle Crusade

We had a great trip to Greece.  The winds altered our itinerary a little, but the guides and boat crew did a fantastic job of shifting gears to provide us with a remarkable experience.  Our travelling companions were wonderful people to spend the week with.  We will recommend this trip to our friends. (Sep 2019)

James Betz, USA – Cyclades Bike and Boat

My recent trip to Rhodes was fantastic, cycling to Rhodes, then on to Lindos, Archangelos and back to Kalavarda. Your materials, maps/directions, follow-up, information, on-the-ground, was all top-notch. (Sep 2019)

Cathy Senecal, USA – Rhodes Greece

Really enjoyed every aspect of this holiday. Thank you! (August 2019)

Rachel Neiger, UK – Istria Bike and Boat

Overall we enjoyed the holiday. Our favourite place to stay was the Agrotourismo in Vinci. The routes were pretty. The historical aspects of the tour were excellent – the Da Vinci museums in Vinci were excellent, as was Puccini’s house in Lucca.

It was a great entry-level tour for cycling with our 11-year old. I think I’d now have the confidence to plan my own cycling trip.

Communication before the trip was excellent, booking the trip was straightforward and the friendliness and helpfulness of staff at all the places we stayed was excellent too. (August 2019)

Alexia Drakakis, UK – Pisa to Florence family

This was an excellent tour, and service from Hooked on was thorough and professional. The best part, by far, was the back-country routes, and they provide enough vertical challenge to make this a proper cycling tour.  The GPX files and a Garmin were useful. The organisation on the ground was exemplary, with the hotels all being fully conversant with arrangements.  We each took a 10-litre bike-packing saddle bag meaning we could carry a change of clothes, which proved essential towards the end of the tour when thunderstorms rolled in, and we arrived, in a hurry, well before our bags did. (August 2019)

Mike Hounslow, UK – Lake Constance by Road Bike

We very much enjoyed our first ever cycling holiday. Everything was exactly as described and communications were good.

Generally, the hotel’s were excellent, particularly the beautiful spa hotel the last night before Budapest. We would have been happy to have spent another night there! They also include a complimentary buffet dinner.

Thank you for your prompt communication we would happily use your company in the future. (August 2019)

Tracey Caldicot, UK – Vienna to Budapest

Overall a great tour.  Had a little trouble adjusting back brake on the tandem with the tool provided, and kept forgetting to buy a wrench that would fit.  Instructions through Stirling were difficult but mostly due to city traffic.  Would book again through your firm. (August 2019)

Martin Suechting, USA – Lochs Galore Road Bike Scotland

Despite having some rain, we loved the trip.  The routes were nice, the bikes were appropriate and the accommodations were excellent.  Thank you though for a great family cycling trip…is was everyone’s highlight of our 3 week trip to England and Scotland! (August 2019)

Michael Grenier, USA – Lochs Galore Scotland

We had a great time. Generally well organised by both yourselves and the boat operators. You managed to order good weather which helped considerably. Bikes were in good condition and generally well serviced. (August 2019)

Peter Jordan, UK – Danube Bike and Boat

My daughter and I are just back after a week on ship Tarin in the Adriatic. It was an amazing holiday. The boat, crew and the 2 guides  – Katerina and Alvin were superb. Very professional.

Thought you might like to hear our view. (August 2019)

Kath Pagdin, UK – Istria Bike and Boat

We had a wonderful holiday thank you. The routes and itinerary worked well and the dual option on the second day suited us as we successfully cycled independently. The cycling was challenging for me, even on an electric bike, but achievable enjoyably. We were very happy with the individual character of the accommodation, especially in Amboise and Chitenay. So, on the whole, a very enjoyable and relaxing holiday. (August 2019)

Jane Flanagan, UK – Castles of the Loire

This was our second Hooked on Cycling holiday and we were extremely happy with all aspects.  Already considering where to go for next years. (August 2019)

Margo Gallacher, UK – Mainz to Cologne

Chris and I very much enjoyed the routes and our stays at the inns. The biking was great, we had no falls or bike problems, and the hosts at the inns were all very friendly and hospitable. We especially enjoyed our stay at the Willows, in Pitlochry, as Murray and Deborah, were exceptionally nice. (August 2019)

Claudia Farb, USA – Lochs Galore

We had one of the greatest vacations ever !!!  The hotels were way better than we expected. The bikes were just right and we had no mechanical issues.

We are hoping to do another tour next summer.   Thank you for all of your help and offering an affordable top notch tour! (July 2019)

Tim Gothers, USA – Amsterdam to Brussels

I enjoyed both trips. Everything was excellent, particularly the accommodations. (July 2019)

Michael Boyes, USA – Hadrians Wall and Lakes plus Cotswolds Cycling

Now we returned from our fantastic holidays of three weeks in your country Scotland. Unfortunately, we just could see us a very short time at the Ardrossan Harbour to take over and give back the e-bikes. To Jon’s information, we got the train to Glasgow in the last second after giving back the bikes. In the hurry, I forgot also to say that the announcement, that we would catch the 6 o’clock ferry was not true as it didn’t go due to another use of the respective ferry on another island (we would have been in time to catch the ferry). I hope we gave back all the objects regarding the bikes, anyway, we haven’t found anything in our luggage.

All of the organisation was perfect and we could enjoy our tour. We are really happy to have chosen an e-Bike tour as it was a complete new experience for our family and you get a complete new approach to the environment and people. You get easier in contact with the persons, you discuss about your great experience with your e-Bike and you get a much closer and intense touch with the environment: you can smell flowers, plants, rain, sea etc. All things which you normally not get when you are travelling with car. The e-Bike was also the right choose because with electrical support you can beat much better wind, rain and steep climbs, especially when you are not much trained, and the diversity fitness condition inside the family is so reduced. The e-Bikes were all in good condition, we never had a problem and the batteries were never down to “zero”, even at day 5 where we made about 44 miles, most of the time against rain and wind. The card material was also very good, so we never got lost.

So we are now proud to have made 200 miles in six days on the bike tour. In deviation to your tour proposal due to considerations from people and our own decisions we made a shorter tour on day 2 in the southern part of Arran and on day 5 we went from Bridgend to make the circle down at Portnahaven (where we saw for the first time some seals in Scotland) and left out the finns of Islay. The details of our tour you can find in the enclosure.

Another compliment regarding the choose of the night accommodations: Hunter Guesthouse, Stonefield B&B and Glenmachrie were all very nice and the landlords/landladies were all very helpful and cordial. We appreciated them a lot and we have to mention especially Rachel from Glenmachrie: We never ate so much at breakfast and learned to eat the porridge in the best way (with whisky obviously!).

Thanks a lot to you and your team to have made possible an unforgettable holiday week to us. (July 2019)

Jan Willheim, Switzerland – Island Hopping Scotland

Thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Pre-trip info was great. Teemos and AnneMarie were great. (July 2019)

Bob Petty, USA – Finland Aland Lakes Cycling

My son and I were extremely happy with the tour, the planning and the accommodations. I gave an only slightly lower ranking of the Bike tour guide materials and route instructions for the following reasons:

The tour guide book was far too dense with information. The background information was interesting but too much for us.  A better idea would be a top-line route guide by km, to clarify the most important landmarks, cautions, turns, ferries and so forth, and keep the historic information and places of interest, while with merit, separately packaged.

Overall, great tour recommendation and facilitation by Hooked on Cycling. (July 2019)

John Seng, USA – Danube Cycle Tour

We really enjoyed the Moselle-Rhine cycling trip. To our surprise, we found the Moselle section more picturesque, quieter and generally more pleasant than the busier Rhine section. The scenery was spectacular throughout.

Regarding the cycling arrangements, it all went well and we thought that the bikes were good and appropriate for the trip.  The luggage transport was excellent with no problems.

The hotels were of average to a good standard, some better than others. Our favourite hotels were the Gutshotel Galerie Riesling in Trittenheim and the Weinhotel Landsknecht in St Goar on the Rhine. (June 2019)

Peter Robinson, Australia – Moselle – Rhine

In general, we were satisfied with our holiday. The route in west Sicily was nice. Your accommodations were superb, as last time we used your company. All in all, we had a nice and hot week on the road. (June 2019)

Bjorg Valan, Norway – West Sicily

Overall we had a great time and I am sure we will back next year or two for another bike tour.  All worked great. Bikes worked fine. Hotels, all were great!!! (June 2019)

Alan Brune, USA – Mainz to Cologne

On the whole, it was an excellent holiday and the hotels were mostly very good. (June 2019)

Fiona Livingstone, UK – Coast of Istria

The accommodations and hosts were fantastic. Nice places to stay, great breakfasts, friendly and helpful hosts (June 2019)

Eric Vanhoutte, Holland – Lochs Galore

We had a fantastic time cycling and the  Hooked on Cycling staff couldn’t have been more helpful. We would certainly book another tour with you. (June 2019)

Bethan Llewellyn, UK – Vienna to Budapest

The holiday was very enjoyable.   (June 2019)

Peter Flanagan, UK – Vienna to Budapest

A fantastic week’s cycling – organisation and hospitality were outstanding. (June 2019)

Andy Gorman, UK – Scotland Island Hopping

Our foursome has safely completed the Dutch Cities and Windmills tour, that started and ended in Amsterdam.  This is a wonderful place to tour…  great people, great food, wonderful countryside, quaint cities, an thoroughly beautiful experience. The rain that came in time passed…  we did pull into Den Haag pretty thoroughly soaked…  just a memory now!l

So all in all, the routes were very nice (except for some roadwork and bikeway closures that resulted in our finding alternate route segments) and well marked.  I was really glad to have used my “Ride With GPS” app on my phone for the in-town riding directions.  We also used a Garmin Edge to keep our route validated.  Thank you for providing the GPS files.  Those worked out great.

Thanks again for taking care of our needs to change bike selections.  The bike tour here in the Netherlands was really an amazing experience for all of us. (June 2019)

Greg Rauch, USA – Dutch Cities and windmills

There were a number of detours leaving Vienna that were out of your control – however this resulted in some difficulty navigating to the cycle route on the first day as the diversion were not so well marked.

We chose to ride all the way into Budapest rather than leaving bikes outside the city as recommended but struggled to find the route which resulted in a few hair raising rides on busy roads.  Perhaps more detail could be provided for those who choose to ride into Budapest.

Overall a great trip that we thoroughly enjoyed. (May 2019)

Alison Thorpe, Australia – Vienna to Budapest

The bikes were fantastic and the scenery was wonderful. We loved Hotel Piran; would have liked to have more time to spend in the town. But overall, we had a super time. I am now considering another E-bike trip with friends because this was very positive. (May 2019)

Harrison Klein, Holland – Coast of Istria

Excellent trip combined with Geneva to Lyon. Hotels did not feel like an upgrade but were acceptable. Bikes were excellent. The Via Rhona was a very convenient, pleasant route. I would recommend this trip to friends. (May 2019)

Paul Hardy, Canada – Lyon to Geneva

We had a wonderful holiday! The Trossachs were gorgeous, the roads we travelled on were lovely and the people extremely friendly and helpful. The places that we stayed were delightful. (May 2019)

Ellen Walker, USA – Lochs Galore

Excellent trip!!  The hotels did not always feel like an upgrade but were acceptable. I would recommend the trip to friends. (May 2019)

Paul Hardy, Canada – Geneva to Lyon

I have filled in the feedback form but would like to thank Nick for phoning us on the evening of our departure after our flight was cancelled, and sorting out the cancellation of our 1st hotel and recommending taxis from Malaga. The disastrous start in no way reduced our enjoyment of the holiday, we forgot about it once we started cycling.  Well…..once we had a beer or two at Marcello’s in Tozar actually!

FYI-Easyjet have refunded us for all our costs  – our flight with them and also our new flight and taxis etc. All within a week.

Thanks again for a great holiday (May 2019)

Frances Vose, UK – Route of Caliphate Cycling, Spain

Everything went great, the bikes worked very well. Terri did have a flat rear tire today. I hung the bad tube on the handlebar. Both bikes shifted good the whole trip. We didn’t get lost any more than we normally do so no issues there at all! All of the lodgings was great, the people were all fantastic, and no complaints about the rooms. The Knowe Guest House was by far our favourite. Dion and Laura are excellent hosts and their house was wonderful.

Terri and I are really hoping to use your company again soon! (May 2019)

Dave Hallaway, USA – Lochs Galore

Just a quick note to let you know how pleased we were with our holiday. Everything went exactly to plan – most impressed! (May 2019)

Andy Gowman, UK – Island Hopping Scotland

We had a fabulous time on our tour, it was actually part of our Honeymoon and was a fantastic experience.  Some roads were rather bumpy for road bikes and may be suited to a hybrid bike.  But overall we absolutely loved it and would do another tour if we could! (Sep 2018)

Rebecca Miller, Australia – Lochs Galore by Road Bike

My wife and I enjoyed riding your Castles Crusade trip last June in Scotland. We were very happy with your bikes and accommodations. (2018)

John Ewing, Canada – Castle Crusade

Generally – an excellent cycling holiday, good quiet roads, excellent instructions, good clean hotels. (Sep 2018)

Claire Necchi, UK – West Sicily

No comments for improvement. It was wonderful in every way. The combination of the GPS and a hard copy map was excellent. Very well planned. I would strongly recommend it to anyone. Just the right amount of miles each day. (September 2018)

Mike Dejong, USA – Innsbruck to Salzburg

We are just about to leave The White Hare in Passau after our week- Rad und Reisen- on Carissima. We have had a wonderful holiday. The organisation from Hooked on Cycling to Globus Garage and then Carissima has been superb. Exact timings, transport of luggage and bikes( our own) cabin, food,  the atmosphere on board – everything – we could not fault a thing.

Thank you very much. In spite of our ages, we might hope to manage another trip with you!! (Sep 2018)

Kathleen and David Pagdin, UK – Danube Cruise and Cycling

Just to let you know we had a great time, with stunning scenery and a good variety and quality of accommodation.  I’ll email some pictures to you separately.  We enjoyed every minute. (August 2018)

Paul Norris, UK – Siena to Rome

Excellent holiday and accommodation above expectation. We thought the route maps were overly complicated though.  Great combination of cycling/swimming/seeing the whole island. Transfers worked well between resorts.

Thank you – already working out where to go next!

Will be in touch….. (August 2018)

Tim and Helen Walker, UK – Kefalonia

Thank you, we had a great holiday and overall were very impressed with your service. Booking was straightforward and communication was excellent. The tour notes etc were very helpful and the accommodation was good. Overall we thought it was very good value. (August 2018)

Robert McGreevy, UK – Asturias Cycling

We have just returned from Tuscany and wanted to tell you what an amazing time we had! The routes were perfect-the distances, smaller roads, stunning scenery and all GPS directions worked perfectly. We had a trouble free perfect holiday, thank you! (August 2018)

Miranda Robinson, UK – Tuscany Sporting by Road Bike

Thank you so much for helping us have this wonderful bike tour!  You were all so responsive to my questions, and all the services on tour were excellent.  There were a few small problems (one of the odometers didn’t work, the whole week)  The Loire Valley route splits the last day, and the materials didn’t say that if you follow the lower route you will see the troglodyte village, but not if you follow the hill route.  We did follow the route that led to the troglodyte village by accident and it was wonderful! (August 2018)

Barbara Yerkes, USA – Grand Loire

Walking Testimonials

We had a great time all in all. The hotels were varied and good quality, the transfers were great and the local transport company were very helpful, especially Jamie. On the whole the walks were good and right for a grading of 3/5. However on the second day of walking ( it was a very hot day 24 c) we came across cliff walks which were extremely challenging for us. We actually couldn’t manage the whole day and had to get the taxi man to pick us up before the end as the climbs slowed us down so much. (2024)

Helen Coghill - UK, Menorca Walking Spain

We are still talking about our very enjoyable trip to Portugal. The people were very friendly and helpful, and the food was consistently good ( if not outstanding). The transport was well organised, although it took us a while to make sure we understood the days and details with the changes to the accommodation. Stage 1 was Day 2 on the itinerary, for example. (2023)

Karen Rickey, UK - Portugal Atlantic coast and Lima Valley walking

The weather has been challenging with the extreme weather warnings but we managed three hikes and the last two days have been changed to beach days.  The hotels and people have been lovely.  Jon, this has been another well organized trip by Hooked on Walking.  Our next trip will be a cycling adventure. (2023)

Robyn Baldwin, Canada - Supramonte Mountains Sardinia

The route information provided in the printed Route Book and the Ride with GPS app was excellent. We did not use the large fold-out maps. One of our best holidays ever. There were a couple of points on the route where there are alternative routes. It would be helpful if the Ride with GPS app identified those points as a cue to refer to the printed Route Book for details. The most important was at the Cirque d’Autoire viewpoint on the walk from Loubressac to Bretenoux. The Ride with GPS app took us down the GR 652 trail which was steep and damp. It didn’t notify us that there was an alternative route via the waterfall. (2023)

Denis Beyer, USA - Dordogne Walking

Just to say we really enjoyed the holiday and the walking wasn’t too tough for the oldies.

One point to bear in mind is that the last 2 coastal resorts were very quiet off season and the restaurants seemed to shut late afternoon.  There was pretty much nowhere else to eat in S’Agaro, for example, but in the hotel.

Thanks for providing such comprehensive information. (2023)

Cat Nichol, UK - Catalan Coast Walking

Thank you for a fantastic hike through the Dordogne region. The route information, both printed and in Ride with GPS, was very accurate and made for an interesting and fun hike. The hotels and meals were all excellent. The taxis were always on time and knew our destination. This trip exceeded our expectations! It was well-paced and took us through some quaint villages and great sights. The weather was very pleasant during the entire hike. The only time we had rain was at Chateau de Castelnau, and that was only a brief shower. (2023)

Dennis Beyer USA, Dordogne Walking

We have just finished the Menalon Trail a couple of days ago. It was outstanding from beginning to end, despite some rainy weather at the beginning. The trail was beautiful and very well-marked. The hike was physically challenging, which I enjoyed. The inns/ guest houses /suites were charming, clean, and quiet with welcoming hosts and staff. The people throughout the region were lovely. We loved our taxi driver!!  Just wanted you to know this hike is a winner. (2023)

Cheryl White , USA  - Menalon Trail Greece

The hotels were all very good. Brenda at Al Paraje was a wonderful host, and the accommodation and host at Yegen were also great. We really enjoy the hike. (2022)

Alison Harman, UK - Alpujarra Walking Spain

We had a great trek in the Alps of Bavaria. Thanks, everything worked fine. (2022)

Michael Tal, Israel - Bavarian Alps Walking

I enjoyed the walk, The Winnock Hotel and Tigh n Eilean were lovely accommodations. The single room at Breadalbane House was particularly small. They were helpful hosts and served a tasty breakfast though. (2022)

Helena Weller-Chew, Australia - Rob Roy Way Scotland

An excellent walk, all accommodation were really nice. (June 2022)

Yvonne Petty, UK - La Gomera Spain

Thanks for organizing a splendid Tarn Gorge tour for us. We really enjoyed all the walks and accommodations, and the thought that went into putting it together for us.

Naomi Nagy, USA - Tarn Gorge Walking France

Hotels were both lovely, excellent positions, friendly, good breakfasts. There was some confusion about the “Seaview room” at Los Geranios. We were allocated a small, non-seaview room. But a transfer was quickly arranged to a partial sea-view room. Taxis were prompt and flexible. (We made some changes). The walks were lovely. We don’t use GPS but discovered later that there are apps on which we could have used your provided GPS files. (Oct 2021)

Ross Martin, UK - Pearl of Balearics

The Hotel Le Mura in citta di castello and the Agriturismo La Cerqua were outstanding.  La Cerqua was particularly good because Gino took superb care of us and the beds and decor were wonderful – a very restful place. At the hotel in Gubbio, the staff were not so helpful. (Oct 2021)

Mick Collins, USA - St Francis Way Italy

We have a wonderful holiday . All accommodations were very helpful, maybe the first two particularly so. The harder / higher hike into Chora is really spectacular, that was our favourite of the trip. (Sep 2021)

Jennifer Brown, USA  - Andros Trail Greece

All 3 hotels were comfortable and welcoming. The route finding notes were very well laid out and easy to use. Thanks to you and your colleagues for your organization of the holiday, and we would certainly consider your company again for similar holidays. (Jan 2020)

Phil Edwards, UK – La Gomera Walking Spain

We found the route instructions to be particularly helpful. All aspects of the holiday, the luggage transfers, accommodation, routes etc were faultless. We really enjoyed ourselves. (Dec 2019)

Gill Watson, UK – La Gomera Walking Spain

We had a good holiday in Montenegro.  The accommodation was good except for the breakfast in Certinje which was not as good as others.  We would have preferred to have 2 nights at the hotel in the centre of the National Park rather than in Budva. However, all in all, we enjoyed ourselves and the care and attention given to us by the locals. (Oct 2019)

Howarth Harvey, UK – Montenegro Walking

This was a trip that offered us as Americans insight into an important chapter of recent history and gave us a heightened appreciation of the courage and co-ordination required by such a herculean effort in WW II.  As well, we enjoyed wonderful food, comfortable accommodations and welcoming French–this, in addition, walking through the spectacular countryside along this coast and inland. (Sep 2019)

Anne Roland, USA – Walking in Normandy D Day Beaches France

Overall we enjoyed our holiday. The accommodation was good & hosts welcoming. Taxi drivers were good though we were never sure when/if they were going to arrive – they always did. Walking directions & maps were adequate (Sep 2019)

Christopher Wilson-Clarke, UK – Translyvannia and Painted Monasteries

Thank you for a very nice experience. The photobook was excellent!  The accommodation was good, except for the hotel in Waidring which was in comparison with the other accommodation, not as good. Thank you for everything! You can be sure that we recommend you to friends and family. (Sep 2019)

Burgert van der Walt, South Africa – Jacobs Trail

Just to say we had a great holiday walking the west highland way, and thank you again for the brilliant organisation. This is the 5th or 6th Holiday we have done with you, but the others we all cycling holidays (Sep 2019)

Ian Anderson, UK – West Highland Way

We had a fab time on the Tuscany trip that we did with yourselves recently. Walking between old stone villages along lovely trails and stopping for Chianti and cheese was perfect downtime for us. Topped off with two nights at the Verona opera to see Tosca and Carmina Burrana performed under the stars! Was such a lovely trip that I forgot that I have a job and life in London! If you would like any photos of the walks for the website I can WhatsApp them if you have a number, my Laptop is broken and sending attachments on the phone is a pain. (July 2019)

Ruth Scott, UK – Tuscany Chianti Walking

We felt the title of the tour was misleading as you only see the Eagles Nest at a distance across the valley. We did not have time to visit Eagles Nest. It’s a great walk but needs a good level of fitness. Tour organisation and taxis perfect. Hotels beyond expectation. (July 2019)

Margaret Fahey, UK - Eagles Nest Walking

Your local support team were excellent. The routes and hotels and luggage transfer were perfect.  (July 2019)

Sheila Taylor, Canada – Coast of Catalan  

Really enjoyed the holiday. The info provided was very helpful and the hotels were all great. (July 2019)

Pauline Weatherall, UK – Meran to Lake Garda Walking

Overall we really enjoyed the holiday; thank you!  The taxi company used for the transfers was excellent – very reliable.  The walking instructions were very thorough. (June 2019)

Heather Norbury, UK – La Gomera Walking

Really enjoyed the quality and range of the accommodation. Some of the Agritourisms didn’t do evening meals although we were happy with the restaurants available elsewhere. (June 2019)

Steve Lloyd, UK – Assisi to Spoleto

Great trip, I would recommend it to others. (July 2019)

Nina Price, UK – Coast of Catalonia

We had a fine time on our walking tour, and we found everything well organised and enjoyable. Your booklets were first class, among the best we’ve seen, and the photos with arrows were pure genius.  The booklet handled the problem of getting people to and from 4 or 5 different hotels to the start and end of each day’s hike very well, and also the cumulative distance to each waypoint. Thanks (May 2019)

Paddy Kell, UK – Salzburg Lakes

We thoroughly enjoyed the walk and would recommend it to others, but also warning them that the hike had serious ups and downs and that poles would be most helpful. (April 2019)

Eleanor Latimer, USA – Lot Valley Walking

I just want to say thank you for the brilliant holiday you have organized for us! Wonderful hotels, great tours with very good maps etc. (March 2019)

Stefan Knoch Germany – Tenerife walking

The holiday was great, Steve was brilliant with picking us up and providing lots of useful information.  We found it quite tough going in parts (we are aged 60 and 61 but good walkers, cyclists and swimmers, and one runner (5 marathons) ) so I’d say you need a good level of fitness for it but we thought it would be challenging as it’s largely coastal.  Thanks for all your help with queries.  Would recommend you, and use you again (October 2018)

Alison Harman, UK – Catalonia – Languedoc Walking

Excellent tour material. All agreed with my GPS. It looks daunting at first read but fantastic in reality. Well done (Oct 2018)

Richard Allan, UK – Picos de Europa

This was one of the best trips we have ever taken – our first walking tour!  Overall everything was great. (Sep 2018)

Veronica Martin, USA – Wild Coast of Catalonia

Everything about our experience met and even exceeded our expectations:  the accommodations, the beauty of the countryside through which we walked, the warmth of the French, the food, the visit to Lacave.  We had an amazing and lovely trip!  Thank you. (Sep 2018)

Molly Roland, USA – Dordogne

We enjoyed our Austria Salzkammergut walking and hiking trip year. The accommodations, routes and bikes were excellent. (Sep 2018)

Larry Dully, USA – Sound of Music Bike and Hike

The only problem we encountered was the start of the walk. We did not make use of the cable car as suggested but walked up the hill to the monument. The signage on that section was not visible on the uphill route and we lost our way for a while. We did not experience any difficulties for the rest of the hike. We enjoyed every moment of the tour. The accommodation was very good and enjoyed our stay at the guesthouses. Thank you for the arrangements. (August 2018)

Burgert Van de Walt, South Africa – River Rhine

We had a great time! After the trip, it felt we covered all the highlights of the region in a week and we did not feel the pace was too fast in terms of the activities/sightseeing planned each day.

Some of the things we particularly liked:

– The app, which was really helpful to guide us during the hikes where sometimes the paths were not well maintained with no indications along the way

– The quality of the hotels selected. We enjoyed how authentic the hotel Gentile was at Agerola with delicious local fresh food served at dinner. The staff was also really friendly which made up for the noise at night.

– The organisation. All the information provided were helpful, clear and sent in good time. The transfers planned along the way were easy to reach and on time. (July 2018)

Celia Junon – Amalfi Coast

We’re back and pleased to report that the trip was a BIG success. All in all, the paths were harder than we expected but the scenery was also much more beautiful and dramatic than we expected.  For relatively inexperienced hikers I think we managed very well! (Oct 2017)

Marisa Glover, Canada – Amalfi Coast

As you may be aware, we had to cut our time in Romania short, as my husband developed an issue with his right foot and could not weight bear on that side. One of the most memorable aspects of this trip were the responses of Romanians to us, sometimes offering help before we even sought it.  The family with whom we stayed in Sucevita at the Casa Cazac Felicia extended themselves especially, as we began the attempt to re-arrange our itinerary, but we also very much enjoyed our stay in Putna.

My sense about this particular trip is that it was more about the monasteries and a country still recovering from decades of Ceausescu than actual hiking.  We look forward to the next adventure, and thank you– (Sep 2017)

Molly Roland, USA – Painted Monasteries, Romania

Our first experience with your company. Very impressed with the accommodation. Now looking at other destinations as you definitely capture the true beauty of the location. A very memorable holiday. Thank you all (Sep 2017)

Alison Dunkerley, UK – Tuscany Chianti Trek

Thanks for a great walking trip! We had a wonderful time in Italy, and overall we found everything provided by Hooked on Walking to be first-rate and most helpful. We look forward to another trip like this as soon as possible. (Sep 2017)

Michael Brown – St Francis Way

Communication was very good pre arrival. I thought the hiking instructions were easy to follow. We enjoyed all of the accommodations. The hosts were all wonderful. Transportation between points was right on time and we enjoyed talking with the drivers. I’d definitely do it again! (August 2017)

Kat Laurenzano, USA – Segovia National Park Walking, Spain

Have contacted Sammie for some opinions and got prompt feedback afterwards. I think you will keep doing great in the future.  Thanks for the arrangement.  We are very satisfied. (July 2017)

Ya Hua Chen, Denmark – West Highland Way, Scotland

Lovel trip, the trail was a great excursion.  The hotels were all clean and the people were welcoming.  The rooms sometimes exceeded the expectations.  We have hundreds of pictures and are spreading the word. (June 2017)

Kathryn Olsen, USA  Jacobs Trail, Austria

A lovely holiday , we thought the instructions were very helpful with having pictures, ongoing distance, distance to next picture and altitude all together. (May 2017)

Pat Herz, UK –  Julian Alps Walking Slovenia

I had booked a cycling tour with you previously. The walking tour in Crete was perfect, with options for more or less strenuous options. A bit hot but your recommendations for hydration were helpful. Accommodation all good. Just one point on page 33 of route notes: The ticket booth has been relocated to the point at which the Figou gorge leaves the Ireni gorge, so no way to avoid paying the small charge! Thanks for a great trip! (June 2017)

LARRY Staines, UK – West Crete Walking

I have a couple of comments.  We found your website excellent and your company very responsive. We really appreciated you willingness to modify our tour when I advised you I had sprained my ankle.  In the end, I had no problem at all with the distances or level of difficulty and this was a very nice tour: good accommodation and beautiful landscapes.  (June 2017)

Martha Jackman, USA – Salzburg Lakes Walking

As a prior backpacker, I thoroughly enjoyed the trip – it is a treasure hunt with the accommodations being the prize at the end of the day.

I only got confused at a couple of places in your guide book but all worked fine. Lastly, (which could be a cultural thing), the walking time of a leg is identified at the end of the walk rather than at the beginning. I am used to getting that information before reading my instructions, but knowing the French language, they put adjectives behind the noun for description.

I enjoyed the trip greatly and will do another as long as my legs hold out. (June 2017)

Tom Mayberry, USA – Provence and Luberon Walking

This was third walking holiday with hooked… First time with pictures in instructions- very helpful. Hotels all great no issues (May 2017)

Pat Clark – Catalan Coast – Spain

It would be good to have the flexibility to stop an extra night as some of the overnight stays to better enjoy the towns where the accommodation was situated. However overall the trip was a wonderful experience which we thoroughly enjoyed. We would have no hesitation in using Hooked on Walking again. (May 2017)

John Hawkins, Australia – Assisi to Spoleto Walking

The tour was exactly as described and therefore just what we expected and very enjoyable. (May 2017)

Kay Lindsay, UK – Catalan Coast, Spain

We found especially your ground staff in France and in general the owners/staff at the hotels/chambre d’hotes very welcoming, nice & helpful. A lovely tour. (May 2017)

Pleasance Sharpe, New Zealand – Lot Valley Dream, France

Wonderful time-no suggestions for improvement (May 2017)

David Kappell, USA – Piemonte Walking – Barolo Wine Trails

Perfect 10’s , excellent trip, everything was seamless and perfectly put together! (May 2017)

David Vorhaus, US – River Rhine Walking

Locally Steve and Maria did an excellent job and were very thoughtful, making sure we knew what to see in each place and that there was somewhere for us to eat each night given how early it was in the season. We really could not fault the walks , routes and accommodation , a wonderful holiday. (Feb 2017)

Clare Cousins, UK – Wild Coast of Catalonia, Spain

Our Segovia walking holiday was brilliant, superbly organised with no problems. I particularly liked the variety and quality of the hotels. It is difficult to choose a ‘best’ because they were all of a high standard and so individual. Rural Spain was a revelation,  even if we struggled because we speak no Spanish! The walking maps and instructions were good and we only put a foot slightly out of place once. I am experienced with that, though. Although it was the last week of October we hit a very sunny spell and wore shorts and sleeveless tops every day. For me the only problem was not being able to get a cooked meal until 9pm. After a walk this is too late, but of course I understand that this is the Spanish way of life.

We had prefaced the trip with 4 days in Madrid, and this was an excellent decision, a bit of culture and then the fast train to Segovia. (Oct 2016)

Sue Pepper, UK – Segovia Walking

Our Chestnut and Wine walking trip through Sudtirol was superb. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  Accommodation was satisfactory and sometimes, eg the Gruener Baum in Brixen, superb.  Thanks so much!!! My friend and I have already determined to take a walking trip yearly, so you’ll be hearing from us again! (Sep 2016)

Verena Besso, Canada – Chestnut and Wine – Italy

The food on this trip was outstanding. The restaurant opposite connected to the hotel in Perros Guirec was excellent. So was the one opposite the hotel in Tregastel. All the taxi arrangements worked perfectly. We arrived early in Trebeurden so phoned the taxi company to reschedule the pickup. Taxi arrived within 15 minutes. On the walk we got a bit lost near Saint Uzec’s menhir. Generally, the map instructions worked well. (Sep 2016)

Anthony King, UK – Brittany – Pink Granite coastline

Overall, the trip was fabulous…the food and hospitality (for the most part) outstanding, the scenery spectacular and the walks (and cave tours) most enjoyable. Thank you (Sep 2016)

Elizabeth Gladfelter, USA – Dordogne Walking

This was a interesting area to explore as the towns are so ancient with customs that are very different from our own. (Aug 2016)

Susan Coyne, USA – Sierra de Francia

Ground support were very good. We had bad weather for the walk to Urriellu hut so decided to stay in Sotres and do a circular walk. They sorted it all out and we just paid the difference on our return to Arenas, a lovely walk. La Perdiz in Sotres was very good for us (room with a balcony and very responsive owners). Great week, for which we thank you very much. (Aug 2016)

Wasyl Cakjler, UK – Picos Walking Tour

We loved the Loire Valley, the chateau and the castles.  The accommodations were generally  excellent and the included meals fabulous. (June 2016)

Joan Kelly, USA – Loire Valley Walking

Thanks for arranging the trip with such short notice. I had a great time! I will definitely recommend you to friends and I hope to contact you again for another trip. (July 2016)

Patrick Teverbaugh, USA – Isle of Arran Short Break

Really enjoyed trip for sure. It was really cool … trip, nature, villages … Bye and thanks again for the quick help when we lost the maps and route instructions at the castle. (July 2016)

Andrei Hlastec, Slovenia – Rob Roy Way

We all had a great time. The tour is really great value and the route is very interesting. The hospitality at all stops was excellent. Thanks to you folks and Anna your local lady for organising this for us. (July 2016)

Stephen Hanger, UK – Heart of Catalonia

I was a happy participant in the Piedmont Walking Tour from Alba to Cortemilla.  We have done yearly hiking trips in Europe for a couple of decades now – beginning when I was a young fellow in my mid-60s.  While our holidays used to involve higher daily mileages and distances and heavier packs I now find that I prefer to have the planning and luggage transfers done by someone else.  Thank you for being that “someone.”  Everything about the tour went well with no hitches at all.  The lodgings were all excellent, the service fine, and the food and wine frequently outstanding.  We especially enjoyed the Agriturismos.  You deserve special compliments on the quality of your Route/Maps.  They’re probably the best of those of any of your European competitors that we have experienced.  We’re now beginning to consider one or both of your Slovenian hiking trips for 2017. (May 2016)

Christine Ford, USA  Piemonte – Barolo Wine Trails Walking

Overall we had a great experience. The accommodations were wonderful and very friendly. The other out-of-pocket expenses were very reasonable. I appreciated the detailed route books. Overall very happy and we would book again with you. I’m already looking at packages for next summer. (June 2016)

Courtney Sappington, USA – Austria to Bavaria

We have just arrived home tonight after a great holiday. Everything worked out really well. Our accommodation was excellent & we had some great walks. There was one day where we had a little difficulty with the instructions & we would be happy to provide details if you want them ( which might help others).  Otherwise everything was great.  We will put up some positive reviews on line.  The three hotels were particularly good, especially Sotres Hotel. (June 2016)

Mari McGinn, Ireland – Picos Mountains

We will fill out the survey, but I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the trip. We were very impressed by the arrangements and the walking instructions (noticed a couple of small discrepancies, which we will specify in the survey). We’ve done self-guided trips with other companies and feel that this one was the best overall. Thank you (May 2016)

Christine Ford, USA – Piemonte, Barolo Wine Trails

There could have been a bit more information on the website, pictures of the accommodation. Tour material was good, GPS fantastic. But some of the paths were a little overgrown, local guides who were extremely. The remoteness of the accommodation didn’t quite come across, beautiful but expecting a village but all was great (June 16)

Jill Britton, UK – Edge of Tuscany

Had a great holiday. Appreciate all you did for us. Would suggest your company to other walkers. (April 2016)

Mary Bell – Amalfi Coast Walking

Thank you for organising our walking holiday in Catalunya. The GPS worked perfectly, and we enjoyed getting to know some of this beautiful region. All the overnight stops were excellent. We especially liked the Hostalet de la Merceria, where Lluïsa made two wet and muddy walkers very welcome with a pot of tea and cakes, and Theresa’s wonderful cooking and friendly family at Hostel Cal Pla, and but all our accommodation was very good. (April 2016)

Judith Willson, UK – Heart of  Catalonia

Just wanted to say a massive THANKS for a fantastic walking tour recently. We did the “Sound of music” Salzkammergut 10 day self-guided trip, and it was so enjoyable!
Thank you for organising everything so well for us. The accommodation, meals and support material/info was excellent. We had the time of our lives, and will definitely recommend your company to others. (Sep 2015)

Kate and Richard Randell, Australia – Sound of Music

Overall, we had a very good trip to Lago di Como. We loved Menaggio and thought it was a perfect spot from which to make trips and we really enjoyed being in one place for a good number of days. The accommodation was very good in both cases, though our room at Menaggio was above a restaurant and things didn’t quieten down until late in the evenings. The hotel Garni Corona in Porlezza had a very good breakfast.   Your guide book recommended “strong walking boots”. We took stout walking shoes which coped with most terrain but weren’t really good enough for the stone paved paths. We should have paid more attention to your advice.  Thank you again (June 2015)

Helen Renwick, New Zealand – Lake Como

Just to say I thoroughly enjoyed my holiday.

Everything was well organised and the walks were so beautiful and Karin our guide was very knowledgeable and very good to us. It was a wonderful holiday that I’ll remember for a long time.

Thank you for all your help too. Answering all my questions before we left and assisting in general.

Please let me know of any similar holidays you may be running in 2016. (July 2015)

Natalie Rod, UK – Salzburg Lakes Guided

Excellent selection- scenery, landscape diversity and options for shorter/longer walks all worked well. I particularly enjoyed the 4 routes in the Tuscan Appenines. The best accommodation was La Letizia in Chuisi della Verna- lovely family run place, and food fresh and delicious.

We were blessed in the main with mild weather for this time of year in Italy. I would not have wanted it to be any hotter, particularly as many of the transfer arrangements meant that you were limited in being able to start the walks earlier than 9 am.

Overall, it was a great week, very good value and I would highly recommend your company to others. (June 2015)

Mary Solomon, Australia – St Francis Way

Had a wonderful holiday. We were very impressed with the guides and maps. The car service between walk locations worked out beautifully. (May 2015)

Jan Scroggs, USA – Tuscany Chianti

Our large group really enjoy the trip. We found all three hotels very comfortable, one minor hiccup at Sant Elene  – when the hotel provided a double bed for two single men.  However, this was soon remedied with an extra single bed when we asked.  All the staff were extremely helpful and friendly.  Nothing was too much trouble for them.  The food was good and plentiful and the packed lunches more than adequate.  Most of us bought one to share between two.  (May 2015)

Ann Clark, UK – Sardinia

I cannot begin to thank you enough for this fabulous journey.  After 28kms of walking today, I was pleasantly surprised and extremely grateful to find such wonderful accommodation with a jacuzzi bath. The whole trip has been fantastic and we have greatly appreciated the detailed maps with photographs. (May 2015)

Danika Marquis, Holland – Rob Roy Way, Scotland

Lovely holiday. Overall the experience was very good and we would book again. (April 2015)

Kathleen Tong, USA – Cotes du Rhone

I started the trip on the first day advertised, which was April 1.  Unfortunately, there was still too much snow in the mountains to complete the hike on the second day, as we couldn’t find the trail.  This was my second trip with Hooked on Walking and I enjoyed myself immensely–thank you. (April 2015)

Amy Bush, USA – St Francis Way, Umbria

The holiday was excellent of the many done with Hooked on Walling probably the best we’ve had – a format that would be a good guide of how to do it! It was excellent value for money. The Hotels were all generally very good.  In some cases breakfast was a bit meagre, but the rooms were excellent. We normally go in September, but I thought September would be too hot, and October was out as the budge airlines only go in the summer.  We delayed the trip until the second week of May to make sure the Samaria Gorge was open.  The hot weather came during our week, wan it was hotter than we would have liked.     However we achieved everything we aimed for.    Also, the Samaria Gorge was closed the week we came back. (May 2015)

Mike Goodrich, UK – West Crete

Just felt I had to email you to say how much we enjoyed our walking holiday in the Picos mountains.  The accommodations at both hotels Sotres and la Rivera were excellent, with very attentive and warm, friendly staff.  There was a good balance of four evening meals at Hotel Sotres and at the mountain refuge, and three nights where we were able to venture out and try local cuisine at tapas bars and restaurants, of which there were plenty to choose from.  The food was fabulous!

We were all in awe of the stunning and dramatic scenery and also the amount of wildlife and livestock we shared our paths with (cows, sheep and goats).  How friendly are those cows!

This is our third self guided walking holiday through your company and we have experienced nothing but excellence in your choice of accommodations and routes for walking that takes us to such beautiful and remote parts of both Spain and Italy that we would never have gone to or even considered.

Jackie Bremner, UK – Picos 8