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Romania Cycling Holidays

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Transylvania is a historical region in the central part of Romania. Bounded on the east and south by the Carpathian mountain range, historical Transylvania extended in the west to the Apuseni Mountains. The region of Transylvania is known for the scenic beauty of its Carpathian landscape and its rich history. In the English speaking world, it has been strongly associated with vampires, chiefly due to the influence of Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula as well as its later film adaptations and extensions.  Also, you shall find in Romania the world-famous Painted Monasteries in Bucovina as well as Bucharest with its superb architecture.  Transylvania is the location for our fabulous cycling holiday in Romania.

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Exploring Romania by Bike

Cycling in Romania’s Transylvania

Duration: 7 Nights
Difficulty: Level 2
Tour Type: Self Guided
Availability: Daily from 20th April to 20th October
Starting Location: Brasov

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