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Preparing For Your First Cycling Holiday In England

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If you’ve decided to try something new this year and are looking to book a cycling holiday in England, you might be thinking carefully about the feasibility of it. If it’s your first biking in England holiday, you might be unsure about what exactly goes into it, what you need and if the holiday itself is suitable for you.

Hooked On Cycling has written this quick guide to preparing for your first cycling holiday.


You want to consider the difficulty level of your cycling holiday carefully. While cycling can be a relaxing way to spend your days, it can also be quite trying on your body. You want to pick a holiday that is well within your abilities.

So before you book a holiday make sure you check the details. This can tell you key facts to do with difficulty, such as how much you have to cycle each day/overall and what types of roads you’ll be cycling on. For example, smooth cycle lanes are much easier than uphill mountain paths.

Packing Tips

Here are some top tips for packing for your cycling holiday. First up you need to think carefully about the clothes you are going to bring with you. Cycling holidays are not for casual wear, so you should look at items such as jerseys, bib shorts, cycling shoes and any weather-specific clothes like rain capes, gilets, base layers and leg/arm warmers.

Next, there is plenty that you should bring with you in case of emergencies during your holiday. This should include spare inner tubes, a puncture repair kit, brake pads, grease/lubricant, a hand pump and anything else you think might need if something goes wrong.

While you can eat and drink full meals throughout the day, you also might want snacks and other nutrition to keep you fueled as you travel. Always drink plenty of water as you go and bring with you things like gels, electrolytes and other energy foods that will keep you going.

Other essentials you need will be a map for areas with little/no phone signal, a bike computer, a first aid kit, a phone and a charger. If you’re staying in England you might not need these things but if you’re going abroad on a cycling holiday you might also need your passport, visa, EHIC card and any local currency.

Cycling Holidays In England & Further Abroad

Now that you’re a bit more prepared for your cycling holiday, it’s time to book! Work with Hooked On Cycling for a great selection of cycling holidays throughout Europe, including England, France, Germany, Croatia, Spain and more.

We have carefully curated our selection and given you all the information you need, including the difficulty level, routes and everything that is included in your holiday. Our self-guided holidays give you all the information and assistance you need, including accommodation at the end of each day.

If you have any questions about any of our cycling or walking holidays, feel free to contact us today.

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