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Welcome to Hooked on Cycling’s road bike sporting cycle tours and our road bike based trips. Our guided and self-guided bike vacations are for the sporting cyclist who want to ride a race bike and are a little more demanding than our regular breaks. They are an excellent choice for those who cycle year round and are looking for something more challenging than the average family bike tour. Our choice of itineraries includes many fantastic routes in beautiful parts of Europe such as Corsica, Andalusia, Tuscany, Lake Garda, Marche, Umbria, Austria, Provence, England and Scotland. We also have guided cycle tours in Emilia Romagna and on Lake Garda.

The Right Equipment
On our sporting bike tours, we have racing (road) bikes to rent if you would rather leave your pride and joy at home while you relax and enjoy your holiday. Our sporting breaks cover more miles per day than our standard tours and generally take place in hillier terrain so it is important to have the right equipment in order to enjoy each day’s riding to the full. Our racing-style bikes have plenty of low gears to cope with steep inclines as well as high gears that will help you to eat up the miles on the flat. These highly capable road bikes are also available to rent on standard cycling tours in several countries, so if a sporting tour is not for you but you would still like to rent a road bike please contact us for more information. All of our machines are well maintained, recent models.

The Right Ingredients
There are many ingredients that go into making the perfect holiday and you will find them to be in plentiful supply, whichever of our cycle breaks you happen to book. Clean, comfortable accommodation at affordable prices, delicious food and drink available throughout the journey, beautiful destinations just waiting to be explored, and routes that afford breath-taking views from start to finish are all key ingredients of our sporting bike holidays. If you are looking for a summer adventure that not only gives you the opportunity to really stretch your legs over a mixture of easy and rough terrain, but that also features stop off points where you have the time to explore beautiful surroundings at a leisurely pace, these tours are ideal.

The Right People
Our team is comprised of fellow biking enthusiasts and experienced travel industry professionals, all of who are dedicated to ensuring that you have the holiday of a lifetime when you join one of our sporting cycle tours. Whether you fancy cycling along a route with views over spectacular mountain lakes in Germany, or making your way from one side of Italy to the other, taking in both the golden beaches of the Adriatic in the East and the rugged coastline of the Tyrrhenian Sea in the West, we have the perfect package for you. Our legendary attention to detail and flexible approach to problem solving will ensure that wherever you go, you will have a truly wonderful experience.

Tuscany Cycle Resort Fixed Location

6 Nights
Available Saturdays 24th March to 22nd October

Tuscany by Road Bike

7 Nights
Available every Friday and Saturday from March 17th to October 27th

Slovenia by Road Bike

7 Nights
Available daily 25th March to 14th October

Scotland’s Castle Crusade

6 or 7 Nights
Available daily April - October

Salzburg by Road Bike

7 Nights
Daily arrival from April 21st to October 14th

Road Cycling – Bavarian Lakes

6 Nights
Available Daily 1st May to 21st October

Provence – The Luberon National Park

6 Nights
Available daily 1st March to 15th November

Provence by Road Bike

7 Nights
Available Saturdays April 14th to October 22nd

North Sardinia by Road Bike

7 Nights
Starting Saturdays from 1st March to 30th November (Starting on other days possible with a supplement)

Lochs Galore by Road Bike

7 Nights
Available daily April - October

Lake Garda Cycle Resort

7 Nights
Available daily from 1st March to 31st October (Available in August by request)

Lake Constance by Road Bike

5 Nights
Available Daily 30th March to 21st October

Italian Cycle Resort Fixed Location

7 Nights
Available Saturdays from 18th March to 4th August and 26th August to October 14th

Innsbruck to Salzburg by Road Bike

7 Nights
Available Sunday to Tuesdays from May 13th to September 23rd

Historic Scottish Borders by Road Bike

6 Nights
Available daily April to September

Experience the Marche Cycle Resort

7 Nights
Available daily 1st April to 24th September

Corsica by Road Bike

7 Nights
Available daily April to October

Coast to Coast by Road Bike

8 or 10 Nights
Available daily April to October

Ancient Cultures of Western Sicily

7 Nights
Available daily from 1st March to 15th July and 1st September to 30th November

2017 Pantanissima Granfondo

7 Nights
Available on Saturday 2nd September, event 3rd September.