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Our Story

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Where The Hooked on Walking Journey Began

Our story began back in 1994 when our family moved to Scotland; just outside of Edinburgh. Busy in Corporate life we began to think “hey, life should be better!” That is when the wild open spaces of the Scottish countryside started to ignite our passion for cycling and walking.

The dream began in 1997 when we fully committed to living our dream and not just thinking about it. This is where our name evolved; Hooked on Cycling and Walking – a very easy name really. For one we were truly “Hooked” on the outdoor world and secondly, our names are Jon and Sue Hook.

Since that time, we have developed cycling &  walking tours throughout Europe. Now we have over 160 cycling tours and over 100 walking tours through the UK & Europe. We both have come from a customer service background, so this is one of our main objectives, to provide our guests with the very best pre-tour, on tour and after tour service. We choose hotels and other accommodation which only we would like to stay in, but also which is typical of each region our tours are located.

Our local teams have all been with us many years and, so we know they are all totally dedicated to providing a first-class on tour service. We always consider responsible tourism, so our teams are all local to the tour; they all have a passion for their region and wish you to leave each tour with a passion as well and wanting to return.

Our Family Business Has Grown

Since starting in 1997, we now have a small team working in our office outside Edinburgh to ensure all your enquiries and dealt with efficiently, often you will speak directly with us. We always walk or cycle our tour routes allowing us to get a first-class understanding of each tour, the accommodation, and wonderful landscapes. We also run a professional bike shop in Bathgate which opened in 2010 which we run simultaneously alongside our holiday business.

Take a look at our tours and experience the Hooked on Cycling and Walking way and you never know you also could get really Hooked!!