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Poland Cycling Holidays

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Poland has a lot to offer the tourist, magnificent and stunning landscapes, medieval towns and villages and vibrant cities such as Krakow. On our self-guided cycling holidays in Poland, you can explore as well as Krakow the rural areas where everyday life and culture seems to have not changed for decades. Here horse-drawn carts are a common sight as a means of transport. In Krakow visit one of the many museums, marvel at the grandeur of the historic squares, but make sure to soak up the atmosphere of the bustling old town. Also not forgetting the Dunajec Gorge has to be one of the most scenic cycle rides in Europe.

Cycling in Poland

Scenic South Poland

Duration: 7 Nights
Difficulty: Level 2
Tour Type: Self Guided
Availability: Saturday’s from 27th April to 5th October
Starting Location: Krakow

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