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The Hills Are Alive (With Biking In Austria)

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In one of the most iconic scenes in movie history, Julie Andrews belts out a performance of ‘The Hills Are Alive’ while we pan over rolling hills and towering mountains. The Sound of Music is a 1965 musical adapted from the 1959 stage musical of the same name, based on the memoir of Maria von Trapp.

This fictional retelling of her life as a governess in Salzburg truly put Austria on the map, with tourism still benefiting from the thousands of tourists who flock to the country each year to experience some of the picturesque scenery depicted in the film. And while The Sound of Music is iconic, there are plenty of other reasons to journey to Austria.

Here at Hooked On Cycling, we offer Austrian cycling tours so you can experience all it has to offer. Read on to discover reasons to visit, as well as a selection of the bike tours in Austria we offer.

Why Travel To Austria

The Rich History

Austria is absolutely full of history to explore, from examining the Habsburg’s art collection to learning all about one of the greatest composers of all time, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna is home to over 2,000 pieces collected by the Habsburg dynasty while you can witness where Mozart grew up by taking to Salzburg. The Habsburgs dominated Austria for nearly 700 years, and you can still see their impact in many places around the country.

The Habsburg’s & Innsbruck

While you can examine their art collection in Vienna, there is another key place to visit to witness the Habsburg’s legacy. Above the city of Innsbruck is the Renaissance-era Ambras Castle while you can also visit the Imperial Palace.

Apart from this castle, there is plenty to do in Innsbruck. Visit the Goldenes Dachl, a shining roof glittering with over 2500 gilded copper tiles or just explore the town to discover plenty of hidden gems.


We’ve already mentioned this as Mozart’s birthplace, but Salzburg is also famous for another iconic piece of history. The Sound of Music was filmed in a range of locations, including Los Angeles and Germany, however, plenty of the film was shot on location in Salzburg.

It remains a popular place to tour around, and plenty of the locations featured in the film are still standing and can be visited today. The centre of Salzburg has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, making it an ideal destination on your Austrian trip.

Mozart spent his childhood and a few years of early adulthood in Salzburg, and now the city prides itself on celebrating him. Explore the Salzburg Cathedral where he served as court organist, or his birthplace which has now become one of two museums dedicated to him in the city.

Alpine Villages

Vienna is a very picturesque place to explore, and this can be seen by exploring some of the smaller alpine villages dotted around the country. Erl is home to a large population of cows most of the year but also hosts one of the world’s largest opera festivals if you’re there at the right time.

Another small town is Wattens, where in the 20th century Daniel Swarovski founded his crystal-cutting company. On the company’s 100th anniversary, Swarovski Crystal World opened. It functions as a museum and art installation, with highlights being an 800,000 crystal cloud hovering over a mirrored pool and the company’s flagship store.


The city of Vienna is Austria’s most populous and attracts thousands of tourists each year. There is plenty to see and do, such as visiting the Haus der Musik. This historical building is an interactive space where you can test your conducting skills while also exploring the history of iconic pieces of music.

Once Mozart left Salzburg, he headed to Vienna. Near St Stephen’s Cathedral is Mozarthaus, where he and his family lived for a few years and he wrote ‘The Marriage of Figaro.

If you’re there at the right time, head to the Liechtenstein City and Gardens Palaces. They’re only open twice a month, but the baroque buildings are amazing to explore.

Cycling Holidays In Austria From Hooked On Cycling

Here at Hooked On Cycling & Walking, we have a great selection of biking in Austria holidays that will take you across all that this alpine country has to offer. Here is a selection of our choices that you might be interested in.

Sound of Music Cycling Tour

This 7-night tour is based around the iconic area featured in The Sound of Music, the Salzkammergut lake district. You’ll start in Salzburg where you’ll experience tranquillity with rolling countryside and quiet country lanes. From here you’ll journey onwards to the mountains, experiencing top destinations like Oberndorf, lake Wallersee, Mondsee, Traunsee and Wolfgangsee before returning to Salzburg.

We have graded this tour level 2, meaning you’ll experience mostly flat and hilly biking, with short climbs and daily distances of between 18-45 miles per day.

If you want to mix things up, we also do a Sound of Music Bike and Hike tour, where you’ll take to the landscape on foot as well as by bike.

Prague To Vienna

Not all of our holidays start and end in the same country, such as this Prague to Vienna cycling tour. It will take you from Prague, through Czechia until you reach Austria. Then you will journey along the River Danube before finishing in Vienna.

Along this route, you’ll experience both wilderness and cultivated landscapes, such as deep forests and farmed fields. You’ll see small villages, as well as castles and palaces. Because of the landscape, we have graded this tour Level 3, meaning you might experience tough cycling in hilly areas.

River Danube by Bike and Boat

Take to the river on the MS Primadonna on this River Danube by Bike and Boat cycling tour. This is a wonderful experience that will enable you to enjoy the second-largest cruise ship on the Danube, as well as cycling during the day. The MS Primadonna will meet you at the end of the cycling destination each day, or you can even stay aboard and enjoy the numerous amenities.

Austrian Lakes Family Cycle Tour

While some of our trips are not suitable for children due to their intensity, this Austrian Lakes Family Cycle Tour will be perfect if you want to bring the kids along. You’ll arrive in Salzburg and then enjoy a week of amazing natural scenery as you journey around the Salzkammergut region.

The tour contains quite short rides each day, even an option to take a train one day if needed and a rest day in the middle! We have graded this tour level 1-2, so it is perfect for any ability to enjoy.

Salzburg By Road Bike

This is a holiday that will require some effort as you cross mountains and lakes around Salzburg by road bike. There are plenty of road cycle trails around the city, with mostly small side roads and some travel on larger sections. There are a number of hills to descend or climb, which is why we have graded this trip a level 3.

You’ll start in Salzburg and get the chance to cross the border into Bavaria, cycle through the national part of Berchtesgaden and even experience an overnight stay in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hallstatt.

Get Started With Austrian Cycling Tours

Now that you’ve heard more about the great sights, sounds and more of Austria, get in touch with Hooked On Cycling to book your next cycling holiday in Australia. We have a great selection of trips available, which are suitable for a range of different abilities.

As well as Austria, we have a range of biking tours available throughout Europe, including England, Spain and Romania. By working with us you can experience some of the most enjoyable destinations around Europe, enjoying nature as you ride around on your bike.

If you have any questions about any of our bike tours in Austria or any of our holidays, feel free to get in touch with us today.

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