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The Ultimate Sports Guide To Cycling Holidays In Spain

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Spain has a whole world of beautiful beaches for you to soak in the sun, and is a popular destination for many summer holidays or quick getaways. Beyond Spain’s relaxing side, it is a fantastic place to get your cycling on! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just looking to try something different, a European cycling holiday could be just the thing for you.

If you think you might be interested in a cycling holiday, with a great group of friends, your family or a solo adventure, our ultimate guide to cycling holidays is sure to point you in the right direction. Keep reading to find out more!

A Travel Guide To Bike Holidays In Spain

You can go for a guided or a self-guided cycling holiday, it depends on your cycling proficiency. In Spain, you have roadside support just a quick call away, so if anything goes wrong with your own bike, a family member or a friend, you don’t need to worry. So, anyone of any skill level can enjoy the cycling holiday!

Another nice thing about the cycling routes in Spain is that many of the trails are through rural farmlands and hills, meaning you are away from cars and vehicles. You get a chance to really take in the scenery and be immersed in Spain’s natural beauty.

Is Cycling In Spain For You?

Even if you are keen on cycling, there are a few things to consider before you go out in Europe. You want to make the experience as enjoyable as possible and not have any unexpected surprises, especially if you are on the beginner side of cycling or travelling in a group. You also want to pick the perfect time of year to go, so you can make the most of the beautiful weather. These are a few do’s and don’ts to think about before cycling around Spain.


  • If you’re looking for an active break, then a cycling holiday is just the thing for you. Whether you’re going solo, want a memorable family trip or are looking for something fun to do with friends, an activity based holiday could do you a world of good and you can explore Spain’s rural beauty.
  • If traffic and cycling on the roads is a little intimidating, then a Spanish cycling holiday is perfect. The roads in rural Spain are typically very quiet, and you might not even venture onto them. WIth an array of cycling trails everywhere, your adventures are limitless!
  • Take a risk. If you’re not an extremely confident cyclist, but you want to try something new, then a cycling holiday in Spain is a good way to get stuck in. It can be quite a challenge, and will take a toll on your body, but the adventure and fun will definitely make it worthwhile.


  • Don’t go on a cycling holiday in July or August. While these are the hottest times of the year, going on a sporty holiday during the summer is not a good move. The last thing you need is to fall victim to sunstroke and overheating on your trip. Places up in the North or by the coast will be more suitable during these months and have kinder temperatures.
  • If you haven’t sat on a bike since you were at school, a cycling holiday could be a shock to your system. Sometimes being able to ride a bike isn’t enough, as you will be sitting for several hours, it is a leg workout, and you will be tired. A lot of cycling tours in Spain do suit beginners, so if you’re up to the challenge, maybe take your bike for a spin at home before you go away.
  • Don’t go on a cycling holiday if you’re currently on a strict diet. A part of the cycling tours in Spain is being able to experience local culture, food and drinks. You may end up in rural areas with quiet little restaurants and you will want to be able to experience this without worrying about what you’re eating.

Types Of Tours

It is important to note that there are different types of tours you can go for, which includes:

  • Challenging bike tours
  • Easy bike tours
  • E-bike tours
  • Private bike tours

This lets you have more choice over which tour you want to do. If you aren’t feeling up to the challenge, an e-bike tour or an easier tour so that you don’t get too overwhelmed. Pick a tour that you feel comfortable with and will enjoy!

Cycling Tours In Spain You Should Check Out

There are so many tours you can take in Spain and we have outlined a few that you could think about. However, there are plenty more you can find online, so don’t be afraid to do your research and find a trip that suits you.

The 5 Best Cycling Tours In Spain

  • Andalucia: Seville to Cadiz – A self-guided and well organised tour with quiet country roads and small traditional towns to explore.
  • Cantabria tour – 5 nights with food and accommodation all sorted for you.
  • Valencia tour – Explore Europe and the Mediterranean in 3 stages.
  • Ojos Negros – Ending destination in Valencia, you can explore Spain’s longest greenway in 4 stages as well as the starriest sky in Spain.
  • Camino de Santiago – beautiful accommodation and a well thought out, guided tour of 11 destinations in Spain.

Make sure you do your research into the tours you are interested in as there will be different factors to think about. You will want to consider the ability level of the tours and the duration of them. If there are specific sights you want to see, be sure to choose a tour that includes these spots.

Vuelta a España

The Vuelta a España is a bike race, comprising different stages. It is held in Spain, sometimes making special appearances in other countries. If you are a cycling fan, it might be worth checking out the event.

Inspired by the Tour De France, the race has been held annually since 1955. The Vuelts is a prestigious cycling event with a differing route each year.

If you time your trip right, it could be well worth going to see the Vuelta and immersing yourself into Spain’s prestigious Grand Tour cycling event.

Other European Cycling Holidays

If Spain isn’t your cup of tea, there are a plethora of European tours you can take instead:

  • Lake Garda cycling tours are known for being beautiful and serene. The trails are not too difficult and you will have outstanding views of the lake!
  • Prague cycling tours are also ones to look out for. With a range of advanced and beginner trails, there is plenty of beautiful scenery and nature to take in.
  • Cycling tours in Tuscany are also renowned for being picturesque and having exquisite food.

These are just a few ideas to get the ball rolling, but it’s important to do your research into which tours might suit your abilities and interests the best.

Hooked On Cycling

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