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Alhama de Granada – Gorge and Cave Houses

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Alhama de Granada is an ancient Moorish settlement and old spa village in Granada Province.  It is approx. 45 minutes west of the city of Granada. The towns name is derived from the thermal baths located there, which are called al-hammam in Arabic.

There is the famous stunning gorge to see which has houses that seem to hang onto the edge of the Gorge. You can take a walk along the footpath through the Gorge which is about 2 miles long. You can then see examples of ancient cave houses and dwellings.

Its old Moorish castle sits in the centre of the old town, above the gorge, which leads to the natural hot springs first documented by the Romans in the first century.

This a wonderful town high in the hills of Andalusia, it is the starting point of a few of our self-guided cycling holidays:

  • Castles of Andalusia
  • Andalusia Sport
  • Cycle and Culture

Please Note: The above tours are no longer available

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