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The Most Beautiful Walking and Hiking Locations in the UK

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From the architectural wonder that is Hadrian’s Wall and the Cumbria Way, it goes without saying that the UK hosts a stunning landscape that is ready and waiting for you to get out there and explore! Read this blog for a round-up of the most stunning British hikes, anything from challenging multi-day routes to scenic ambles.

Hadrian’s Wall Path

Crossing 73 miles in northern England, the huge wall is one of Britain’s most breathtaking ancient memorials. Hadrian’s Wall got its namesake from the Roman emperor who ordered it made between AD 122 and 128. The purpose of the wall was to distinguish between the Romans from the Scottish. Now, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The 84-mile path going alongside it is dotted with ancient settlements, forts and interesting museums.

One of the most popular sections people opt to walk is the 20-mile stretch spanning from  Chollerford (near Hexham station) to Birdoswald Fort (east of Carlisle). This is the highest point of the Wall, providing spellbinding views of the Lake District and Pennines. Better still, it can be carried out over a weekend. Don’t miss out on this interactive History of the Wall at the Roman Army Museum at Carvoran along the way too!

Cumbria Way

The Cumbria Way is 119 km (74 miles) through the middle of the World Heritage site of the English Lake District, from the market town of Ulverston in south Cumbria to the charming city of Carlisle, near to the Scottish Border. The beauty of The Cumbria Way varies from rural charm to the sweeping landscapes as it goes through quintessentially English Lakeland scenery, the National Park is located behind at Caldbeck the clear, fast flowing River Caldew is passes through the very centre of the ancient border city.

Despite there being lots of popular nearby attractions for ramblers in the Lake District, The Cumbria Way deserves its place as one of the most popular. The path is readily accessible via road or public transport and fair enough distance to be completed within a week by an intermediate walker, but a leisurely pace is advised to appreciate everything that this scenic route has to offer!

If you would like to learn more about hiking holidays in the UK, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Hooked on Walking, we can assist you in planning your route and booking your accommodation, we’ll also arrange to have your luggage transferred daily door-to-door, so you can more fully appreciate the scenic countryside along the way.

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