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Denmark Cycling Holidays

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Come and explore Denmark by bike on a self-guided cycling holiday. Denmark has miles and miles of dedicated cycleways meaning it is a real pleasure to cycle there. Copenhagen used to be a Viking fishing village dating back to the 11th century but by the 15th century was the countries capital. It is a wonderful city to explore with many sites to visit. Zealand is a beautiful Island, the 11th largest in Europe and Denmark’s largest. It is a popular holiday destination with lovely beaches, forested landscapes and also a wine-producing area.  Zealand also has many typical historic villages that can be explored during our tours, Castles and Palaces and famous historic landmarks.  The cycling holiday season is a little shorter than many countries due to its northern location but is a pleasant place to venture out on a bike tour from early June to late August.

Cycling Holidays in Denmark

Cyclist in Denmark

The Island of Zealand in Denmark

Duration: 7 Nights
Difficulty: Level 1-2
Tour Type: Self Guided
Availability: Saturdays from 1st June to 1st September.
Starting Location: Copenhagen

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