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Our Holiday Grading System

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All our cycle tours and walking tours are graded to help you determine if they are suitable for you. The levels at which our cycling & walking holidays are graded depends on a number of factors. For example, these include estimated overall walking/cycling time, how much ascent and descent there is and terrain details. It is often hard to grade tours in a fixed way and therefore our grading should only be treated as a guide.

You can compare this information to some rides/walks you have done in the past and decide if your selected holiday is suitable for you. If you need any help then please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Self Guided or Guided

It is your personal preference to which category you wish to choose, only you can decide what you are best suited too. Find some more information below to help you decide.

A self-guided vacation is where you will navigate a route (we provide route instructions and maps) by yourself as opposed to a guided tour where you will be escorted by a tour guide. You have the freedom to decide the time at which you leave each day, where to stop and places to visit along the routes provided. Independent walking holidays and self-guided cycling holidays give you maximum flexibility as you can walk/cycle at your own pace and take in your surroundings as you go. Here at Hooked on Cycling & Walking, we give you detailed route notes, as well as maps so you can find your way along all the trails/roads.

A guided holiday on the other hand means you have the security of a local guide who knows the routes and region and will guide you along the route each day. There will be set times to depart, planned itinerary for the day and as your guide will be local will be able to give you local history and show you any hidden beauty spots that only the locals could know about. You will still receive your tour package that includes guide book, route map etc which you can read if you want to (please check the what’s included section as each tour can be different).

Hikers in Romania

Our Cycling Holiday Gradings

Level 1

Easy biking in a nearly flat landscape, some minor hills maybe on some days, these tours are usually for people with little or no experience. The daily distances will be between 18-30 miles per day.

Level 2

Biking in flat to hilly areas. You will encounter some climbs from time to time sometimes short but steep. The daily distances are between 18-45 miles per day


Level 3

Strenuous biking trips in hilly regions where climbs cannot be avoided. These could be long in places. The daily distances are between 18-60 miles per day

Level 4

Serious and strenuous biking in mountainous regions, climbs are longer and steeper than level 3 tours. Distances between 18-75 miles per day.

Level 4+

Serious tours for serious cyclists often in training or with many years of biking experience. Distances 30 miles per day upwards.

Our Walking Holiday Gradings

Level 1

These are our easiest walking holidays. Walks are generally short and up to three to four hours in length (excluding breaks) and/or optional excursions. They are generally flat or slightly hilly terrain using well-kept paths.

Level 2

Easy day walks are interspersed with more strenuous sections. Walks are generally four to five hours walking per day (excluding breaks) in hilly to mountainous areas using well kept but sometimes stoney paths.


Level 3

Strenuous day walks or trekking in mountainous regions. Five to seven hours walking per day, sometimes carrying a backpack with stuff for 1 night. Height differences between 500 – 1000 metres per day.

Level 4

Heavy excursions in mountainous regions sometimes carrying backpacks with items for a few nights. Generally, six to eight hours walking per day with height differences of up to 1200 metres per day. This grade is only suitable for guests with excellent condition and fitness and no fear of heights.

With an independent (self-guided) tour you can holiday in any size group from individuals, couples or small groups, group or guided tours have a maximum size of around 12-16 persons but the minimum varies from tour to tour and is detailed in each tour schedule.

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