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What To Pack For Your Cycling Holiday

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So you are about to set off on your Hooked on Cycling Cycling Holiday and are wondering what you should be taking with you for your cycling holiday? Struggling to decide what you should be packing then this should help you along the way.

Here at Hooked on Cycling, we make your holiday easier by transporting your main luggage to the next hotel for you on our luggage transfers. During the day, this means you will only have to carry your daily items like camera, extra layers, food, water etc.

Depending on what tour you have booked and the other members in your group you may need to pack other items along with your cycling gear. For example, if you have non-cyclists in your group or you wish to do some evening exploring then you will need walking shoes.

What To Pack For A Cycling Holiday

There are a few things to consider first before you are going to pack your suitcase. You don’t have to wear a full lycra cycling kit if you don’t want to. However, padded shorts will help keep you comfy throughout your cycling holiday.

If you didn’t book rental bikes then you will also have to make sure you pack all the things you require for your bike along the trip. For example, spare tubes, tools, pannier bags, pump, etc

Tip: Remember to also pack your own helmet as even though some countries don’t have them as a legal requirement they will certainly protect you if you do happen to have an accident.

Cycling Holiday Packing List

Here are a few of the most important items for you to consider bringing with you.

  • Cycling shorts with padded seat
  • Waterproofs – in case you meet rain a waterproof top is ideal and shorts down below
  • Cycling Helmet (we do not under any circumstances rent helmets, please take your own)
  • Cycling shoes if you own them – If you are bringing cycling shoes with cleats please bring your own pedals and pedal spanner.
  • Energy food and energy drinks
  • Sun creams
  • Sun glasses
  • First aid kit
  • Plug adapter for mobile phone charger or electric shaver (Europe uses a two-pin 220V system)
  • Hooked on Cycling tour material
  • Walking shoes or boots if you plan on doing any walking.

Why not download our handy PDF packing list which you can print off and check over while you pack?

Cycling Packing List Free Download

If you need any further help then please don’t hesitate in contacting us!

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