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Trip Advisors #4 Island in the World – Santorini, Cyclades

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In 2015, Santorini in the Cyclades was named Trip Advisor’s number 4 Island in the World.  This is no mean feat to be awarded a place. There were some tough contenders including Maui in Hawaii and also Maderia in the Maderia Islands. However, Santorini is known as one of the most photographed places in Greece so no wonder it came so high on the list! Why not check out Santorini for yourself and see why it was voted number 4 in the world. We have our Cyclades Islands Walking Holiday which includes Santorini and Naxos.

Trip Advisors #4 Island in the World – Santorini, Cyclades

hikers on Santorini

You can explore Santorini with its steep cliffs which showcase different colours as a result of an explosion from the Thira volcano thousands of years ago. See gorgeous whitewashed villages on the cliffs and visit ancient sights which you can explore and learn about. You can enjoy some peace and quiet and explore on foot around parts of the Island while on your walking holiday.

On top of visiting the island of Santorini, you will get to visit the Island of Naxos, where you will get to climb to the summit of the famous Mt Zas. Where legend has it that Zeus nursed an eagle in a cave on the mountain.  After you descend you have the option to continue the walk to Apiranthos. From Apiranthos you may walk back via the saddle of Mt. Fanari to Filoti; a beautiful walk with breathtaking views!

Naxos Gate

So if you want a great walking holiday that takes in visiting Trip Advisor’s Number 4 voted Island in the World then why not try out our walking holiday and experience the Island for yourself.

Our walking holiday is graded as a level 2-3 which you can find out more information on our Holiday Gradings page. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

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