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Non Cyclists Can Enjoy A Cycling Holiday Too

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So you may be thinking how can a non cyclist enjoy a cycling holiday if they don’t cycle? Well, if you find the correct cycling holiday then this will mean a non-cyclist can have a great holiday too without the need to cycle. If you want to try a cycling holiday but have 1 or more people within your group that don’t cycle then you may find an A to B cycling holiday difficult to organise. However, below are a few options that would work for those non-cyclists.

Book A Cycling Holiday With Non-Cyclists Too!

MS Patria

Bike & Boat Holidays

Our bike and boat holidays are great for cyclists and non-cyclists. This is because during the day you can go out cycling while your non-cyclists in your group can stay on board. They can then catch up with you later on in the day after relaxing on the boat. It is also a great experience for everyone instead of the more traditional A to B holidays.

Centre Based Cycling Holidays

We have several centre-based cycling holidays which are great for the whole group. Cyclists can enjoy going out for their daily ride while non-cyclists can stay at the hotel or go explore the local area using local transport to get them about.

If on one day the cyclists decided to have a day off then that is no problem as you can then all go explore the surrounding areas and enjoy some time together. A few options for centre-based trips include

We also have several centre-based cycling holidays with 2 different locations. These could be possible with your non-cyclists taking local transport to the next location.

Would They Cycle Short Distances?

If your non-cyclists don’t want to be cycling great distances every day which can be off-putting then why not suggest a family cycling holiday or an E-Bike Holiday. Our family cycling holiday offers shorter distances (some are also centre-based) which means they can potter along at a pace that suits them and know they have only a short distance to go. Alternatively, if they didn’t want to cycle a normal hybrid style bike then you could book them an E-Bike which will allow them to cycle and get a little “push” as they cycle along.

If you have any questions regarding our holidays and which would be best for non-cyclists then just get in touch. We are always happy to help.

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