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Considering A Road Bike Holiday – Our Guide

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Road bike cycling holidays are starting to become more popular with the cycling community. You don’t necessarily have to be an experienced road bike cyclist to enjoy a cycling holiday. Hooked on Cycling sell a range of cycling holidays from your family friendly cycling holidays to our most challenging road bike tours. We are bound to have the perfect vacation just for you.

We have two types of road cycling holidays available. First up if our sporting cycling holidays, which are for the more experienced cyclists. They usually have a more challenging terrain and longer daily riding distances. However, our second type of cycling holiday for road cyclists are our normal tours which have the option to rent a race bike. This means you may find a Level 1-2 or Level 2 cycling holiday but can cycle a road bike.

There is always the option to take your own bike if you didn’t want to hire a rental bike from us. If you are struggling to decide then you can read our information on Rental Bike vs Own Bike.

Why not check out our road bike cycling holidays and our sporting holidays and see if any take your interest.

Our Guide To Choosing A Road Bike Cycling Holiday

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Found A Road Cycling Holiday For You?

After having a look at our range of cycling holidays did you manage to choose a holiday suitable for you? If not, have a think about what you are after. You have to decide if you are wanting to ride 70+ miles a day over 7 days or if you are wanting shorter distances. Are you after mountain terrain over mountain passes (like tackling Mont Ventoux) or flatter terrain? You may find a cycle resort a great option, as most have several groups leaving each day. This means you could start with the more relaxed group and make your way up to the harder groups or mix and match each day.

If you still need help, then get in touch with your requirements and we can send you tours which we think match your requirements.

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Debbie & Tom cycled our Innsbruck to Salzburg Road Bike tour

Who Are You Going With?

For the best road cycling holidays, you need to think about who you are cycling with each day. If your cycling partner doesn’t cycle as much as you back home, then you don’t want to book a holiday that requires them to cycle 70+ miles each day. It won’t be fun for either of you. If you are going on a road cycle holiday as part of a bigger group, and you are all the same fitness and experience level, then it may be slightly easier to decide on where you wish to go.

If you are looking for like-minded cyclists to go out with each day, then one of our cycle resorts may be the option for you. We have several cycle resorts in Italy that you may find are perfect for you.

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Preparing For Your Road Bike Holiday

Once you have booked your road cycling holiday, then depending on your current level of fitness will depend on how much training you need to do. For example, if you have booked a moderate graded cycling holiday, but don’t cycle much back home, then you will require to get out on your bike before you arrive. Make sure you give yourself time to put in some training before your holiday. Start off by going out once or twice a week. Do the mileage that you feel most comfortable with and then increase this each week. Building up slowly will be much better than going full slog.

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What To Take On Your Race Bike Holiday?

Why not take a look at our handy cycling holiday kit list for ideas on what to take with you. Remember, this is not a full cycling packing list. If you are going on a road bike holiday, then more than likely you will want to take your own shoes and pedals with you. Depending on the time of year and destination, you may want to take a light rain jacket with you, or some long sleeve base layers.

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Taking Your Own Bike?

Remember if you decide to take your own bike, then make sure before you leave home to get your bike fully serviced. You will also need to bring any tools and puncture repair kits with you.

If you would like any further information regarding our race bike holidays, then please do get in touch.

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