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Where To Go During Your Family Cycling Holiday In France

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Family holidays are a great opportunity to spend time with your children and partner away from the usual hustle and bustle of everyday life back home. With plenty to see and do away from the regular day-to-day, choosing your destination is the first hurdle – and we could certainly put forward France as an option. Picturesque, with activities, sights aplenty and some of the world’s most famously delicious cuisine, each region offers something different, especially when explored by bike!

Within this informative article, we’ll take you through some of the most desirable destinations for cycling in France with the family, from the waterside marvels of The Atlantic Coast, to unique vineyards and castles. Let Hooked on Cycling & Walking act as your tour guide for 2024!

Why France?

Desirable for keen cyclists and easygoing families alike, biking holidays are growing in popularity worldwide, but even more so in France. In fact, the country is the second-most popular destination for cycling tourism worldwide, making it a tried and tested option. Trips can range from single afternoons spent cycling around a lake, to multi-day holidays and long-distance treks, with the best news of all being that you can decide – it’s completely up to you.

A large country with diverse terrains and environments, you can expect a variety of views on your cycling holiday, from snowy peaks in the mountains to villages along the coastline. Beautiful plains, rivers and vast vineyards are just the beginning, and your cycling holiday can be explored at your own pace, or enjoyed as part of an organised and structured itinerary.

Experiences For All

A cycling holiday may not seem an ideal option if you’re planning a holiday with children, but there are plenty of options from Hooked on Cycling & Walking to please even the most doubtful holidaymakers. With difficulty levels assigned to each of our cycling packages, the level at which our cycling and walking holidays are graded depends on a number of factors. These include estimated overall cycling time, how much ascent and descent there is as well as terrain details.

Variation in difficulty grading means everyone can enjoy the trip, enjoying a leisurely cycle to the next destination on your itinerary. Our itineraries themselves are arranged with you in mind, and with locations ranging from France’s most famous wine regions to cities bursting with life, each day is sure to be an informative and exciting experience for all involved. Guided holidays may be the answer if you’re keen on the social aspect of a cycling holiday, with a tour guide on hand to oversee proceedings as you venture through winding cycling paths or take in views of the Castles Of The Dordogne.

Brittany And Jersey

Including 7 nights in bed and breakfasts, this fantastic family-friendly trip from Hooked on Cycling & Walking includes plenty of thrilling sights as you travel the northeast region of Brittany by bike. Notable visits include the maritime city of Saint-Malo, the wonderful mediaeval abbey of Mont St Michel, and the fortified town of Dinan with its ramparts and 14th-century castle. You even have the option to take a day trip to the Island of Jersey, just off the coast of France

French Atlantic Coast

Take in a unique and unforgettable trip around the Atlantic coast of the Poitou-Charentes Region, exploring four beautiful and unique islands as you go. Cycle beside the coast and discover postcard-perfect views, before relaxing in 3 star hotels and guest houses for the evening. Memorable locations include Ile de Ré and Ile d’Aix, with our routes within this particular trip taking you past wide sandy beaches, marshes and even oyster farms! Historic villages and small ports await.

Castles Of The Dordogne

If you’re seeking a slightly more difficult journey, but nonetheless just as picturesque and beautiful, this may be the option for you from Hooked on Cycling & Walking. Self-guided and on the challenging side, graded at 2 to 3 by our team, the Dordogne region of France is a wonderful location for your French cycling holiday. Including major river valleys clad in green woods and forests, the main appeal of this holiday is of course the historic castles. Take a look through villages dating back to the 12th century on your personal adventure.

Vineyards To The Ocean

One for all the family, with difficulty gradings 1 to 2, the Gironde region in the south-west of France offers a universally fun experience. Situated close to Bordeaux, this biking vacation is an independent cycling tour, taking you through the entire area and starting by the Entre Deux Mers vineyards, going on by the pine forest of the Gascogne Regional Park and reaching the Arcachon bay and ocean. Take your time and make this a trip for the whole family to remember.

Canal De La Garonne

Experience south-west France In style, with this particular cycling tour perfect for children and amateur cyclists, at difficulty levels 1 to 2. Easygoing and fun, cycle on the marked cycleway from the elegant, historic wine city of Bordeaux to the world-renowned town of Toulouse. Experience cycling in a relaxed way along car-free routes, through the magnificent south France countryside. The peaceful nature of this tour means you can make it one for the whole family.

Hooked On Cycling & Walking: Independent Or Self Guided Cycling Holidays

Looking to book a Normandy cycling holiday, Bordeaux cycling holiday or other overseas cycling trip? At Hooked on Cycling & Walking,  we believe that cycling breaks in France are the perfect getaway for solo riders, families and individuals of all ages and abilities. These trips allow you to explore the length and breadth of the country, taking in the landscape and the rich culture on offer, while varying levels of difficulty mean you can be challenged, or take in a relaxing break, depending on your preferences.

Travelling by bike is one of the most enjoyable, healthy and eye-opening ways to explore Europe, and we of course offer the best range of cycling holidays and walking holidays designed to suit everyone – whether a beginner looking to explore the outdoor world or an experienced cyclist craving a challenge. Contact us today for further information on the array of tours we provide, or to have any of your questions answered.

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