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6 Best Road Bike Trips In Europe

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Europe is packed with some of the best road biking routes in the world. Whether you’re a hardcore cyclist or a casual rider looking to go beyond your comfort zone, Europe has something for you. It’s filled with rich history, fun-loving people, mouth-watering cuisine, and a variety of breath-taking landscapes, from majestic mountains to beautiful coastlines. For those who love biking as much as we do, there are plenty of amazing rides to be found in Europe. Here are 6 of the best road bike trips in Europe that you must check out.

The Must Do Road Bike Trips in Europe

Italian Cycle Resort

In order for a destination to attract visitors, it must be both beautiful and welcoming. That is what makes Riccione such a great cycling vacation spot. The tranquil nature of its town makes it an ideal place for cyclists of all ages and abilities. This area is also very popular with families who cycle, offering them the opportunity to enjoy the many amenities on offer while enjoying the outdoors. Our cycling holiday is a guided fixed location cycle trip, but you are also free to cycle self-guided. Some weeks you can expect the hotels to be almost full just with cyclists. Discover more on our ICR tour page.

Der Gipfel des Mont Ventoux in der Haute-Provence, Frankreich

Provence by Road Bike

Imagine cycling through Provence on a road bike-based cycling holiday. You’ll love the beauty of Provence, and you’ll enjoy the countryside and the magical colours and lights that attracted so many painters over the centuries. Admire the Roman influence in the area’s architecture, the Orange-stage wall and the Pont-du-Gard. Also admire the excavation sites of Vaison-la-Romain and Les Baux-de-Provence. But don’t forget the local cuisine which is rich in herbs found in Provence.

Corsica Sporting

This is a great cycling vacation in France. Corsica is known locally as “The Mountain in The Sea.” It is an island with spectacular mountain scenery and quiet roads that are suitable for biking enthusiasts due to the limited traffic volumes. You’ll enjoy a variety of the island’s culinary delights, from the simple to the refined. Each day will see you pedal farther, so you can experience the spectacular scenery of Corsica at your own pace.

Majorca By Road Bike

One of the top cycling destinations in the world, Majorca is a cyclist’s paradise. From the professionals of the pro-cycling teams to the daily leisure cyclists getting off the bike to explore the island, there is something for everyone. Now by road bike, you can take on the incredible climbs and mountain roads leading into inland Majorca. One of the most enjoyable parts of this cycling holiday is that you are not stuck in one hotel for the duration. Instead, you travel to beautiful locations while your luggage is being transported. You will be able to see wonderful coastal and inland views on roadways as they zigzag up and down the mountains.

Bavarian Lakes by Road Bike

On the edge of the beautiful Bavarian Alps, you will find a wonderful landscape with rivers, lovely lakes and mountains. We’ll start in the famous town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen that is surrounded by high mountains and offers alpine ski races in wintertime. You will be travelling along the Isar River Trail with your bicycle, passing through many small villages and farms en route to Munich. Expect to see the real Bavaria, with its churches, beer gardens, monastery, and scenic landscape.

Scottish Borders By Road Bike

Scottish Borders is a beautiful area to cycle, with peaceful riverside towns and historic castles. If you are looking for a road cycling holiday in Scotland, this road bike cycle tour takes you from the English/Scottish border town of Berwick upon Tweed upriver to Kelso and Melrose. The many little roads, lanes, and paths and a low-population region of the UK make it a great place to ride a bike. Even though the region is flat at the coast, it becomes more hilly as you travel inland.

It is a beautiful area with four medieval abbeys, Dryburgh, Jedburgh, Kelso and Melrose. Other historic sights to see include Sir Walter Scott’s Abbotsford House, Thirlestane Castle, Traquair House as well as castles such as Bamburgh and Floors. You can also take a cycle ride to Lindisfarne on Holy Island (tide permitting).

The European countryside stretches as far as the eye can see. There are thousands of miles of trails and roads, and you could ride for years and never get bored. Now that you have been given a hint of just what’s on offer why not check out our road bike cycling holidays?

Let us know in the comments below if you have a road bike cycling holiday that you have loved doing!

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