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What’s In Our Cycling Tour Packages

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If you are booked or going to be booking onto one of our cycling holidays then roughly 3-4 weeks before your tour start date, you will receive your tour information by email from us.

What’s In Your Tour Material?

A4 Tour Information

These sheets have all the standard tour details in them, including tour schedule, whats included our local ground handler details. We also include arrival details, information on your luggage transfers and meals. There is also a section for useful information.

General Information Guide Book

For you to read in your own time. It includes a suggested kit list, information on self-guided cycling behaviour, conversion tables and more.

Route Book & Maps

This will be tour dependant, as on some of our cycling holidays you will receive your route book and maps upon arrival at the first accommodation or at your welcome meeting. Please note not all our tours have a welcome meeting; you can check whether you have a welcome meeting in your what’s included section.  However, on some of our cycling holidays then you will be emailed this information prior to your arrival.

Hard Copy Guide Books

When the tour you have booked onto has any hard copy books, then we will post these to you to the address you provided us upon booking.

If you intend to leave early before your tour start date (extended travels etc), then please let us know so we can post any material to you if needed (see above)

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

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