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Places of Interest Along The Danube

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The River Danube Cycling Holiday is a very popular holiday for couples, groups and families. Some of our guests have been several times, as there are so many places to visit that just one holiday is sometimes not enough for them!

We have 2 tours that go from Passau to Vienna, which are a 7 night version and a 9 night version. The 9 night version makes the daily distances slightly shorter which means you have longer to explore in each place while out and about.

Below are just a few options for you to see along the way, but the list it a lot longer.

Places of Interest Along The Danube (Passau to Vienna)


Passau is your starting point and there are many places to see before you set off on your first days cycling. You may even need to book an extra night to fit it all in. Why not try visit Veste Oberhaus Fortress before you leave Passau. The views from the top are amazing and if the weather is good you will be able to see for miles.



The third night stop of the tour is in the beautiful city of Linz. Here you have the change to see a cathedral, the stunning main square which is definitely a great photo opportunity. If you like museums then the Lentos is a great choice for you to check out. We would also recommend that you head up the Pöstlingberg. Catch the mountain tram to the top for beautiful views, a chance to see the pilgrimage basilica,  and the Grottenbahn cave railway. If you take an extra night in Linz you can also check out the Zoo which is half way up.


Situated on top of a rocky outcrop is the stunning Melk Abbey. You can explore the abbey with its beautiful interior (the abbey church and the library are our favourites) and you can get some great views as you cycle past.

Have you been on the Danube cycling tour? Or are you thinking of going on it? Over 90% of the Danube cycle path is car-free, which makes it great for beginners and experienced cyclists alike.

If you need any help or have any questions regarding our cycling holidays then please do get in touch.

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