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Essentials you Need for a Long Bike Ride Journey

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If you’re set on travelling by bike, there’s no getting around it – you’re going to have to bring stuff, especially if it’s a cycling holiday that you are off on. The main truth for this stuff: less is certainly more. Many cyclists end up shipping excess stuff home a week or two into their ride after they see how little they really need and precisely how heavy their extra baggage is. The reality is: the less weight you carry, the more fun it is to ride. In time, you’ll understand what works best for you.

Basic repair and maintenance kit

The simple supplies you should keep in your kit should include an extra inner tube, tire levers, patch kit, mini-pump, and a folding multi-tool. Even if you are not sure how to fix a flat tire by yourself or make simple adjustments, having the necessary tools and supplies is a necessary step forward, arrange these items carefully in your seat bag, so that any sharp edges of your multi-tool don’t make a hole in your inner tube.

Water and a light snacks

Keeping hydrated is a necessity on a ride of any length, even in cool weather. So you might think that on a shorter ride, a snack is not needed, but a breakdown or other unforeseen circumstances might put you out on the road or trail longer than you expected. You can keep an energy bar in your bike bag or pocket, which will give you a much-needed boost for the final pedaling push back to your destination.

Cash and a bank card

Some shops have a minimum amount for card purchases, so you should always carry a little bit of cash for smaller purchases you might make, such as an extra light snacks or a bottle of water. It’s a good idea to have some of that money in change too, in case your only option is stopping off at a vending machine.

Mobile phone

If you have a ride that results in mechanical issues, or you end up getting caught out after dark without a headlight and taillight, then ringing a friend or someone else to pick you up is your best last resort. Most mobile phones also double as a camera. If you witness or are involved in an accident, any photographic evidence that you collect could prove invaluable later on.

If you are planning a cycling holiday, as well as packing the essentials, you’ll want to plan out where you are going. Here at Hooked on Cycling, we offer a range of guided bike and boat trips across several regions in Europe, as well as holidays perfect for families. Get in touch to find out more.

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