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5 Reasons Why You Should Book A Family Cycling Holiday

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Booking a family holiday can be difficult, especially trying to decide where to go and what type of holiday to do. However, a family cycling holiday is a great type of holiday that every member of the family can enjoy. We have many family cycling holiday in many countries. Including Italy, Scotland, Spain, Holland and more. You will not be disappointed. Choosing one of our family cycling holidays you can sit back and relax while we book your accommodation, daily luggage transfers and get all your route instructions ready for you.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Book A Family Cycling Holiday

Get Active Together

Instead of sitting about on a beach holiday or an all-inclusive holiday, you can get the whole family involved and have an active fun holiday. Even the youngest members of the family can enjoy sitting in a child seat or a trailer. On our family cycling holidays, we make sure we have bikes available for children, along with tag-a-longs, child seats etc.

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Your Pace

As our family cycling holidays are self-guided, you can set off each morning and go at your own pace. We all know children can’t cycle forever. So stopping along the way and letting your children relax or explore is a great idea. This will make sure there are no tantrums for you to deal with.

A Big Adventure

Your children will love a family holiday where they can spend time with mum and dad. What will be even more enjoyable is doing something they love which will give them a daily challenge at the same time.

See Different Places Along The Way

Exploring on a family holiday makes your children mini explorers, who once older will more than likely catch the travel bug. Most of our family cycling holidays move on most days like our River Danube cycling holiday. However, we also have fixed locations too like our Lake Garda Family Cycling Holiday. On our tours, you will be able to explore places along the route which are family-friendly including castles, museums, and theme parks.

Quality Time & Experiences

Daily life can sometimes get in the way (we have all been there), so while on holiday you can spend that much-needed quality time with them. You may even learn new things about them as your family cycling holiday comes to an end. Learning the local language, trying new foods, and learning about the places you visit are all great experiences which make your family holiday. Your children may never want to go home!

family cycling in Austria

Once you have been on a family cycling holiday you may find you never go back to your old style of holidays. As your children grow older the number of holidays increase. The only problem you will have is choosing the destination to go exploring!

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