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Guide: What To Wear In Hot Weather While Hiking

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As the better weather is upon us (we hope), we thought we would write a post about what to wear in hot weather while out hiking. When the weather is hot you need to make sure you wear the correct clothing as well as keeping yourself hydrated. You certainly don’t want to end up with sunstroke or worse.

This means you need to start planning your walking holiday and making sure you have the correct items to wear will mean you have a more enjoyable holiday.

So, what do you need to wear for hiking in hot weather? Let us talk about some of the items.

A Guide To What To Wear Hiking In Hot Weather

Hiking in the Black Forest

Base Layer

A base layer in hot summer months? Yes, you can wear them. You may not need any other layers on unless you get cold, but a long sleeve base layer can help protect you from the sun and prevent you from getting burnt. Make sure to research which type of base layers are better for the summer months as you don’t want to get the wrong type.

Quick Dry T-shirt

Quick dry t-shirts are great if you are out on a multi-day hike. It means you could wash after a days hike and be dry for the next day to wear again, or put in your suitcase for a day further along in your holiday. This in turn then means you don’t have to pack as many clothes, and an added bonus is quick dry clothes tend to pack up small.


Depending on your preference you could wear shorts while out hiking. However, we like trousers that have the zip off bottom halves. Remember your sun cream if you take off the bottom part of the trousers during your hike. You also need to be more careful about ticks and bites if you are out wearing shorts.

You could also buy quick dry trousers which would save you taking several pairs away with you on your travels.

hikers in Romania

Sunglasses/Sun Hat

Taking a pair of sunglasses and a sun hat will not only help protect you from getting burnt, but they will keep the insects from your head/eyes. A hat that has a rim all the way around will help prevent your neck from getting burnt.

Hiking Boots & Socks

We always think it is best to wear hiking boots while on a hiking holiday. They will protect your ankles when out walking. Although there is no point in wearing hiking boots if you don’t invest in a couple of pairs of decent socks. Remember you don’t want to take your thick winter socks. A Coolmax liner sock with a Bridgedale CoolFusion sock will give your feet the ventilation you need and prevent you from gaining any blisters.

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First Published – April 2017

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