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Exploring the Black Forest in Germany by Bike

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The Black Forest in Germany is well known for its picturesque villages and full evergreen forests. People who love the outdoors flock to the Black Forest as it is a great place for all outdoor activities including cycling and walking. If you want the ultimate outdoor destination then the Black Forest is a must. Exploring the Black Forest you will be able to see many well known beauty spots within the area.

Reasons To Explore the Black Forest by Bike

Waterfall in Black Forest

Natural Beauty

With an abundance of trees that stretch for miles, you will not beat the views. From hilly terrain to valleys the ever-changing landscapes means you are well and truly spoilt. You can also see the natural lake called Lake Titisee which is popular for swimming and water-sports. Within the Black Forest, you can also view stunning waterfalls, like Triberger Waterfalls; which are the highest in Germany. Or the Geroldsauer Wasserfall which is in the North of the Black Forest.

Vintage Cuckoo Clock at Lake Titisee Neustadt in the Black Forest. Germany.

Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo Clocks are a popular souvenir to anyone visiting the Black Forest. Each cuckoo clock looks like a  work of art with hand-carved wood in such detailed designs. You can appreciate the amount of time and work that has been put into each one. Cuckoo clock shops are dotted around the Black Forest, so be sure to visit a couple to see these work of arts up close. Within the Black Forest, you will find cuckoo clocks at a range of prices, it is even home to the largest cuckoo clock!

Black Forest cake on rustic wood.

The Local Cuisine

The Black Forest is also famous for its dry cured smoked ham. Restaurants all over the region buy the ham to serve to customers, and taking up to 3 months to produce this ham is in demand. If ham wasn’t for your taste buds then you can’t beat a Black Forest Cake (gâteau). This chocolatey delight is a chocolate sponge cake with a rich cherry filling known locally as Black Forest cherry-torte. However, the name doesn’t come from the region but the liquor that comes from the region. After a days cycling, a slice of cake should be on the cards!

Black Forest cobbled street in town

Picturesque Towns & Villages

You can’t beat the beautiful villages and towns within the Black Forest region. You will find yourself walking around in awe at the stunning buildings. It can sometimes feel like you are stepping into a fairy tale like Hansel and Gretel as you explore these towns.

Elektro-Bike Fahrradtour im Hochschwarzwald
Photo Credit: Michael Vastag von HTG

The Cycling

As previously mentioned the Black Forest is great for outdoor lovers. If you were interested in cycling then our cycling holiday in the Black Forest follows the scenic Southern Black Forest Bike Trail. Enjoy 6 nights on this fabulous cycling holiday which mostly runs on bike trails and quiet country roads.

As you can see there are many reasons to go on holiday to the Black Forest. We are quite sure you will enjoy the scenery and the local cuisine…just make sure you don’t eat too much cake!

If you have any questions about any of our cycling holidays, then please hesitate to get in touch.

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