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What Happens On A Self Guided Walking Holiday?

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If you have never been on a walking holiday before especially a self-guided holiday, then you may feel a bit apprehensive. You don’t have to be super fit for a walking holiday abroad,  as at Hooked on Walking we have holidays to suit all levels of abilities from easy walking holidays to challenging walking holidays. If you are wondering what happens on a self-guided walking holiday, then let us explain a little more.

What Happens On A Self Guided Walking Holiday?

So you have booked a walking trip abroad with us. Now, what happens? After you have booked your walking holiday and paid for your holiday in full, then roughly 4 weeks prior to your start date your tour material is emailed to you. If you are leaving earlier than this, then just get in touch and we will try our best to get your details organized in time.

Getting There

Using our material, you will then make your own way to the starting point of your holiday. Our tour material will give you options for the best way to get there including airports, train and bus timetable websites and any other information which we think you would find useful.

West Crete

Check In

Once you have arrived at your first accommodation it is time to check in and start to relax. Remember most check-in times are from 3 pm. If you turn up before this time, then your room(s) may not be ready. Most accommodations will let you leave your luggage while you go explore for a bit.

Some of our trips have a welcome meeting – times of these will be provided in the pre-tour package we send you. Often at a welcome meeting, our local team will introduce themselves, maybe chat about the tour and answer any questions you might have.

If your tour doesn’t offer a welcome meeting, then any questions while on holiday you can contact the local team (contact details are always in your tour material which we have sent you). All our local teams speak English. Don’t be put off if they answer the phone in another language. As soon as they hear you speak English, they will revert to speaking to you in English.

Bavarian Mountains

First Walking Day

Remember you are on holiday, there is no need to rush. Have your breakfast and if you are not returning to the hotel in the evening, put your luggage at reception by the time indicated in your tour material.

Now you can depart for your days walk at your leisure as there is no need to wait around/set time to be off (unlike a guided walking holiday). You will follow your route notes/maps along the walking route. You will more than likely be walking through lovely towns and villages, see historic monuments and interesting places to visit while out walking. Make sure you take regular stops and take in your surroundings and if there are places on route to stop and make sure you are visiting them as this is what makes your walking holiday more interesting.

If you are on a loop walk, then you will finish your walk at the same hotel you started at. If you are arriving at a new hotel then your luggage will be transferred to the new hotel and will normally be delivered by 5 pm. Sometimes, this time can be later so if you wish to change out of your walking gear, then put a change of clothes in your day bag. Baggage delays do sometimes happen if you wish to find where your luggage is then you can contact our local team who can contact the luggage teams. Check in at your hotel and relax before heading out in the evening to explore your destination and find a restaurant for your evening dinner.

Madeira Landscape

What Happens Next?

This daily process you repeat each day. Should you have any problems while out on tour, you will have the local team to phone for help and assistance.

After your walking holiday as finished, you will more than likely be feeling relaxed and refreshed after an enjoyable holiday. Now you will be thinking about when to go and book your next walking holiday and where to explore next!

Let us know if you need any help in choosing the right holiday for you.

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