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3 Reasons Why We Love Cycling in France

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When my brothers and I were younger my parents would always take us to France on our family holidays. We would also take our bikes and go cycling…nothing unusual there as we now own a cycling & walking holiday company! As a family, we have always had a love for being outdoors but for me especially… I love France.

Our Reasons Why We Love Cycling in France

Feel Safe Cycling

If out cycling on the roads you want to feel safe while cycling. As kids, we never once thought the roads were dangerous for cycling about. The drivers are very cautious of cyclists and always seem to give you enough space when passing. The country roads are also very quiet which means they are great to cycle on. You will also find many cycle paths throughout France and all seem to be well maintained…this is always a plus!

The Castles

You cant go to France and not visit a Château (castle). There are so many and they are all unique in their own way. Over the years we have visited countless Châteaux and still to this day we love going to visit them and explore.

The Scenery

I expect in most countries you will see beautiful landscapes however in every region we have visited we have always been met by beautiful views. Whether it be a city landscape or countryside landscape the view always seems to just make you stop and take it all in!

Have you ever been cycling in France? If so for what reason did you go and visit? Please let us know in the comments below.

If you have any question about a cycling holiday then please don’t hesitate in getting in touch with us as we would be more than happy to help.

About the author

I have worked for Hooked on Cycling & Walking since 2007 and love to travel and explore. I like to get outdoors and take my two young boys with me and hiking/cycling is enjoyed by all of us.

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