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One Of Our Most Popular Countries For A Walking Holiday

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Can you guess which country is one of our most popular for our guests to go on a walking holiday? The answer is…Spain. We currently have 20 walking holidays available in Spain from the ultimate pilgrim route that is the St James Way to our Wild Coast of Catalonia tour. So many people come to Spain each year and it isn’t to enjoy the beaches like most of the holidaymakers. Like many of our guests, more and more people are putting on their boots and going on a walking holiday!

One Of Our Most Popular Countries For A Walking Holiday

So what makes Spain so popular for walking holidays? Well, we think its because of the following reasons:

Mountain views in the Picos

Reason One – Weather

Spain gets some pretty decent weather all year round depending on the area you go to. The likes of Tenerife and Gran Canaria you can go walking nearly all year round. So if you are just looking for better weather than Spain could be the place for you!

View in Spain

Reason Two – Scenery

Beautiful views no matter where you go. From mountain views to farmers fields to ocean views, Spain has it all. You can explore at your own pace and admire the views as you go. Even better take a break and enjoy your lunch or a snack while enjoying the scenery on your daily walk.

Reason Three – To Get Away From The Crowds

To get away from the crowds. Even though more people and getting into walking and taking up the challenge of a walking holiday you still won’t get the mass crowds you will see in the main tourist resorts!

Why not check out of Spain holiday page to see if any of the walking holidays we offer to take your fancy. If you would like any help or would like to book then please don’t hesitate in contacting us today!

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