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What Comes With Our Rental Bikes

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If you are going on one of our cycling holidays you will always have the option to rent a bike or to take your own bike. If you decide to rent a bike from us then depending on the type of cycling tour you can hire a hybrid bike, an e-bike or a road bike. Some of our cycling tours we also have kids bikes, kids trailers/tagalongs and even tandems available for you to hire.

Example of what our Scottish rental bikes look like. Bikes available on each tour may be a different brand

What Comes With Our Rental Bikes

In your tour material, which we send to you before your tour, you will get details of what is included with your rental bike. Some items differ from others so it is always best to read the info pack in details and see exactly what you will get. If you wish to take some extra items with you then that is no problem at all.

Locks – All our rental bikes will come with a lock, sometimes you will get one per bike, other times it can be one per room. Always make sure your rental bike is locked securely when you leave it, and take any loose items with you.

Pannier Bags – Depending on the type of bike you have hired you will get a pannier bag with your bike. Again this could be one per bike or one per room. If you have hired a bike that is not a hybrid then more than likely you will not get a pannier bag. On some of our cycling tours, our hire bikes will come with handlebar bikes/map carrier.

Pump/Puncture Repair Kit – On nearly all of our cycling tours our rental bikes will come with a pump, and the items you require to fix a puncture. However, we have a number of tours that have a bike exchange system in place. This means you will not get any tools or items required to fix a puncture. Instead, if you get a puncture you will take your bike to the nearest exchange system and get a new bike. Your tour material will mention if you have booked a tour which has the bike exchange system in place.

Cycling Helmet

Other items you can take with you

Extras that you may want to bring along

  • your own pedals if you use clip in shoes (remember to take a pedal spanner with you!)
  • your own saddle (remember to have some tools just in case)
  • a gel seat cover (although most of our rental bikes do come with gel seats)

Remember if you decide to take your own bikes, you will also have to take all your own kit. Including pannier bags, locks, repair kits etc with you. Which can take up a lot of space in your bags, so please bear this in mind.

Please Note: We do not rent helmets on any of our tours, we always recommend you take your own. In some countries, it is a legal requirement to wear a helmet so it is best to always take one with you.

If you are interested in one of our tours please get in touch and we would be happy to help.

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