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Picking Up Your Rental Bike

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Picking up your rental bike on holiday doesn’t need to be daunting. We have written up a quick guide to picking up your rental bike on one of our Hooked on Cycling holidays. Your tour material which is emailed to you before your holiday will advise you how your rental bikes will be delivered/collected. Make sure you are reading your tour material carefully and if you have any questions then let us know.

Picking Up Your Rental Bike

lady with a road bike
Debbie & Tom cycled our Innsbruck to Salzburg Road Bike tour

Ways Your Bike Will Be Available

  • Welcome meeting and someone will meet you at the first hotel at a designated time for that tour and handover the bikes, this is normally evening of day 1 or morning of day 2.
  • Pre-delivered to your first hotel.
  • Collect bikes from a pick up point

Check Bikes Over

Before you leave with your bike(s) we would suggest that you check over the bike and do the following:

  • Check the bike feels comfortable and get any adjustments done before setting off
  • Check gears and breaks work
  • Make sure you have all your accessories and pannier bags (if included with your bike)
  • Fit own pedals and saddles if required. Always bring a pedal spanner with you in case nobody is there at the start/end of the tour.

Daily Checks

Then every morning before you go on your ride, do a quick bike check:

  • Inflate tyres, if necessary, and insure proper pressure;
  • Take a quick ride to check if derailleur and brakes are working properly;
  • Inspect the bike for loose or broken parts;
  • Pay extra attention to the bike during the first few kilometres of the ride.

There you have it a quick handy guide to picking up your rental bike. If you are thinking of taking your own bike then read our post about rented bikes vs your own bike.

Please remember we do not rent helmets with the bikes. This is for health and safety reasons, and also for hygiene reasons. This is because you wouldn’t know if the person before you had dropped the helmet – which if you then wore it and crashed it may not protect your head and you could be seriously injured. If you wish to wear a helmet on tour (which we advise you to do so) then please take your own with you. Please also make sure you check the laws of the country you are visiting, as in some countries it is illegal if you do not wear one.

If you have any questions then please do get in touch.

First Published May 2014

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I have worked for Hooked on Cycling & Walking since 2007 and love to travel and explore. I like to get outdoors and take my two young boys with me and hiking/cycling is enjoyed by all of us.
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