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What is a Self Guided Cycling Holiday Like?

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If you have never taken an active holiday before considering one can be a daunting thought for many. Well, firstly you do not have to be super fit. You do not necessarily need to be an active type of person as at Hooked on Cycling we have cycling holidays for all levels of fitness. You can see all of our tours on our tour selector page or you can check out the easy cycling holidays or easy to moderate cycling holiday first.

Once your holiday is booked and you have started some preparation for your cycling holiday you can then start to get excited about your cycling holiday.

What happens on a self-guided cycling holiday?

Firstly, you shall need to make your own way to the start point, the material we send to you before your departure, details suggested options for this; best airports, train and/or bus timetable websites and another information we think might be useful for this part of your holiday.

Cyclists in Madeira

Once you have arrived at your first accommodation it is time to check in and start to relax. Many of our trips have a welcome meeting – times of these will be provided in the pre-tour package we send to you by email. Often at a welcome meeting, our local team will introduce themselves, maybe chat about the tour and answer any questions you might have after this normally they will hand out the bikes and makes sure you are happy with them.  On tours where there is no welcome meeting, our local team would have either pre-delivered your bikes to the accommodation or will bring them before around 9 am on your first cycling day.

First Cycling Day

Now the big day arrives – the first days cycling. Remember you are on holiday, so no rushing around, have breakfast and depart at your leisure, this is the good point about a self-guided trip, you are not governed by group timings and the schedule a guide wishes to follow. Remember to put your luggage at the reception by the time indicated in your tour material.

family cycling in france

Now you can head out following our comprehensive routes notes and maps. Each day you will likely have lovely towns and villages, historic monuments, and interesting places to visit. Make regular stops, for coffees and refreshments, remember a cycling holiday is just as much about nice local food as well as visiting new places while taking gentle exercise.

You have a whole day to do your days ride; there is no rush.  Many guests would be on the road by 9 am and maybe not get to the next stop before 5 pm. If you only cycle slow, say 8mph on most trips this is only 3-4 hours cycling per day, that leaves a good 5 hours at least for stops, visiting attractions, exploring villages and sampling local cuisine.

Now you arrive at your next accommodation booked by Hooked on Cycling, by 6 pm your luggage would have been transferred and waiting for you.  Lock up your bikes and check in. Ask the reception where your luggage will be. You will be required to go collect your luggage from the storeroom or dedicated area.

Bike and Boat the Bordeaux 6 Wine Route

Next head to your room, relax and freshen up before heading out in the evening to explore your destination and find a nice restaurant for your evening dinner. If you have booked half board then this would be either in your hotel or a nearby restaurant.

What Happens Next?

This daily process you will repeat each day. Should you have any problems while out on tour, you will have a local number to phone for help and assistance.  After a week (depending on your tour), the tour is now finished. After all that lovely local food you might not have lost weight, but you would feel rejuvenated.

You then need to try and decide where to head to next for your next cycling holiday!

We know many previous guests who take a cycling holiday each year but do not really cycle when at home, they just enjoy the relaxation and experience this type of holiday offers.

If you wish to read about where to go and places to see check out cycling weekly blog post on best cycling holidays.

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