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Our 5 Top Tips For Cycling Passau to Vienna

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Having recently cycled along the River Danube on a family cycling holiday with my two young boys. I thought I would put together some top tips for you. The River Danube cycling holiday is one of our most popular cycling holidays and anyone with any level of ability can take part. If you are considering a cycling holiday then check out our River Danube tour as you will not be disappointed with the scenery, cuisine and cycling fun.

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Top Tips For Cycling Passau to Vienna

Plan The Route The Night Before

On our tour, we don’t tell you which side of the River to cycle on. We give you a suggested route but leave you with the flexibility to choose each day where you want to go. This means you can choose where to stop along the way and find places that interest you. With this in mind, we suggest you look over the map book the night before and see where you wish to stop along the route. Also, take note of where your overnight accommodation is so you are on the correct side of the river.

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Buy Your Lunches At Supermarkets

If you wish to save some money then we suggest buying your lunches in the local supermarkets. This means you can stop where you want and not have to rush to find somewhere to eat. It also means you have extra money for ice creams or a well-deserved beer!

St Florian Abbey

Take Your Time

Remember you have all day to do your days ride. Make sure you stop along the way, explore the towns and enjoy the scenery. Most accommodation won’t be available until 3pm for check-in.

danube river ferry boat

Take The Ferries

There are many chances to cross the Danube either by bridge or ferry. However, crossing by ferry is a great experience and one we would recommend. At roughly 2.50 euros per person, it is a great way to cross so you can explore another area. Some also require you to ring a bell which is very entertaining if you have young kids.

children eating in Passau

Eat Out

Unless you are on half board, we would suggest eating out for your evening meals. It means you can explore after your evening meal before heading back to your accommodation. We found a number of restaurants along the route that could cater for special dietary requirements.

So there you have it our top 5 tips for cycling along the Danube. Have you cycled along the Danube before? If you have any tips to share then please let us know in the comments below.

If you have any other questions then just get in touch and we would be happy to help.

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