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Our Top 3 Bike and Boat Holidays

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Bike and Boat holidays over the past several years have become very popular with our guests. To have your own floating holiday for the duration of your holiday is a great idea! You have your own private cabin with shower and toilet which means when you retire back to your cabin you can relax as must as you like. During the day you can go for your daily rides to explore the region and your boat will be waiting for you at your next destination. A big advantage of this is you won’t have to pack your suitcase every day like an A to B tour but unlike a fixed location holiday, you can explore several areas on one holiday. So you will get the best of both worlds. Here is a round-up of our top 3 bike and boat holidays

Our Top Bike and Boat Holidays

Cabin on MS Primadonna

River Danube by Bike and Boat

You will be staying on the second largest cruise ship on the Danube. The MS Primadonna is amazing to look at with its spacious decks for you to stretch your legs when onboard. It even has spa facilities, restaurant, bar, atrium and much more. What more could you ask for? If you don’t want to go cycling one day then stay aboard and relax. You will start in Passau and make your way to Vienna exploring the area on your daily cycle rides. Take a look at our River Danube Bike and Boat holiday today.

Italy Bike and Barge

You can either stay on our 3 star barge or 4 star barge on this trip. You will start in Mantova and finish in Venice (depending on dates this could be the other way round). Again you will explore the local areas and be met by your floating hotel in the afternoon. You can even spend a day exploring Venice. Included within your holiday you can also enjoy a guided visit of Venice and Mantova, a visit to a Cheese factory and tasting of Grana Padano (please check the tour for the current and up to date what’s included). If you would like to read more about our Italy Bike and Barge holiday then check out the tour page.

Ionian Islands Bike and Boat

Why not explore the Ionian Islands located off the West Coast of Greece? With it’s blue crystal clear waters, and centuries of  Venetian influences that dominate the archipelago of these Greek Isles. You will start from Corfu, and begin your journey to regions which are not very well known abroad. You will stay abroad the Panagiota which is a restored two-masted motor yacht, here you can spend time making friends in the spacious saloon while having your meals. Check out our Ionian Islands Bike and Boat tour today.

If you have any questions about our bike and boat holidays or wish to view more of the same type of holidays then please don’t hesitate in contacting us today.

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