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My Favourite Region of Spain

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One of my favourite regions of Spain is Andalusia (or Andalucia as Spanish call it). Inland away from the Costa’s you will soon find true Spain as many like to call it. The region is steeped in history, over the centuries it has had its full share of conflict and this is represented in its towns and villages and fortified settlements. Of course, you also have Granada and its world-famous Alhambra Palace.  We have a few tours in the region, three leisure-based tours and two road bike sporting tours. These tours allow you to explore different parts of Andalusia. We have the following tours White Villages, Caliphate, Cycle and Culture, Castles of Andalusia and Andalusia sport tour.

Please Note: Some of the above tours are no longer available.

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I have worked for Hooked on Cycling & Walking since 2007 and love to travel and explore. I like to get outdoors and take my two young boys with me and hiking/cycling is enjoyed by all of us.

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