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Our Top 3 Mountain Scenery Cycling Holidays

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If you are looking for some gorgeous mountain scenery on your cycling holiday then we have many options available for you. Some require climbing some of the mountains that you get to see, others follow the valley roads so you can enjoy a less strenuous holiday. Here are our top 3 mountain scenery cycling holidays.

Our Top Mountain Scenery Cycling Holidays

Picture Credit to Louise & Frank Grant

Grand Swiss, Switzerland

When thinking of mountain scenery Switzerland if one of the first countries that pop into our heads. Our Grand Swiss tour is a 9-night tour which is graded as a level 2. You start and finish in Zurich which makes it great for you to get there and also depart. At the end of Day two, you will be surrounded by beautiful mountain views and see the Swiss Alps in the distance. A previous guest stated “this is as good as it gets” when looking at the scenery. On the way to Interlaken you will have mountains on both sides of you, as they continue to grow in height you will then take the train over the famous Brüning mountain pass. Interlaken is surrounded by mountains and picture-perfect blue looking lakes. It is a serene place to be with beautiful views all around. If you are looking for a longer than normal holiday then this 9 night cycling holiday will be the perfect option. We can picture the views already!

NOTE: This tour is no longer available.

Sound of Music, Austria

One this cycling holiday you will see some of the areas that featured in the world-famous Sound of Music film. At first, our tour starts in the rolling countryside using quiet country lanes which the lakes are shallow and the water is brown in colour. However, after a few days of cycling, you will reach the mountains which means the lakes now turn into a beautiful blue/green in colour. This provides you with some amazing scenery. This is the famous Sound of Music country that you get to experience. Salzburg is also the home of Mozart. This region is certainly stunning and very peaceful and will give you the mountain views you are looking for. Our Sound of Music cycling holiday is graded as a level 2 cycling holiday which is 7 nights in length.

Pearls of Slovenia, Slovenia

This cycling holiday in Slovenia lets you explore the world-famous Triglav National Park and the surrounding region. You will get to see the lovely Lake Bled with the Triglav peaks in the distance. If that wasn’t enough mountain scenery you then move onto the less known region of Lake Bohinj where the mountains meet with tranquillity…you cant get any more relaxing than that. If you don’t want a strenuous tour but want the mountain views then this is a great option for you, on day 3 there is a climb to do up the Jelovica high plateau, a pass of 750 m/2400 ft.  However, you can book a transfer at the welcome meeting (extra cost) if you think its too hard for you. Our Pearls of Slovenia cycling holiday is 7 nights in length and is graded as a level 2-3 tour.

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