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Do You Love Island Walking Vacations?

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There is nothing more wonderful than taking a walking holiday on an Island. Whether it is the excitement of catching a ferry to your destination of the joy of looking out of an aeroplane window at the blue seas as you approach the Island.

We have many great walking tours which explore the Islands. Island life is often different from life on the mainland, often more laid back and relaxed, maybe even a unique culture or tradition can be found.

Our Top Island Walking Destinations

Isle of Arran


Exploring some of Scotland’s most beautiful islands why not book onto our Island Hopping walking holiday. You will get to explore the islands of Arran and Islay. Witnessing the remoteness of these islands, you can experience how the locals live and get around. We also have our Arran Coastal Way walking holiday which explores the Isle of Arran off the West Coast of Scotland. With varying terrain and beautiful landscapes, you will understand why this island is known as Scotland in Miniature!

Sark images for Visit Guernsey - Chris George Photography - Coast Media -

Channel Islands

Just off the coast of France, you will find the Channel Islands. The largest being Jersey. Our walking holiday on the Channel Islands explores Jersey, Guernsey and also Sark. Each island offers its own unique charm especially heading over to Sark for a day trip as there are no cars there!


If you are looking for some warmer weather, then Spain is a great alternative. It has much better weather than Scotland and can provide year-round walking. We have several walking holidays off the coast of Spain including  Majorca, Menorca, La Gomera, Tenerife and Gran Canaria.


Italy is the home to a number of the world’s greatest works of art. It has some of the most amazing architecture and the food is pretty amazing too!  We have a number of walking holidays for you to explore including Sardinia, Elba and Sicily. Exploring these islands you will see the true beauty of these Italian islands and enjoy the walking trails they have to offer.



This mountainous island in the Mediterranean sea, with beautiful coastal towns and dense forest, Corsica offers some great walking. This is a hidden gem of an island that is just waiting to be explored. See our walking holiday in Corsica here.

Church in Thira, Santorini


There is no better way to explore Greece than by foot. Full of beautiful landscapes, history and great culture you will not be disappointed exploring the islands of Greece. We have many great walking holidays including West Crete, Cyclades, Corfu and Paxos, Athens and Poros Islands

If you have any questions about our island walking holidays then please get in touch!

First Published – April 2014

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