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How To Prevent Injuries On A Cycling Holiday

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Cycling holidays have risen in popularity in recent years, as holiday goers seek to try something new, explore a new place and get a bit of exercise while doing so. However, as this holiday type is a lot more active, there’s a lot more chance of getting injured than a typical holiday spent around the pool for a few weeks.

Here is how to prevent some common injuries on a cycling holiday.


Probably one of the most common problems people face on a holiday is getting sunburn. You’re spending a lot more time outside and if your cycling holiday is abroad, you’ll probably be in a different climate than you’re used to. A sunburn can cause major issues when cycling, as it can be a painful injury while you’re trying to ride.

The best way to avoid sunburn is to wear a helmet that has a peak. This will help to protect your face from the sun. You should also apply sunscreen regularly. A once-a-day suncream is a great idea, but it may be worth applying it more than once to ensure you’re safe. Your hands are also directly in the sun a lot, so make sure you apply sunscreen thoroughly to them.

Neck & Back Pain

Pain from cycling can occur in the neck and back due to a rider staying in the same position for too long. To solve this you should frequently stop and stretch, or perform stretches while riding to help relieve any tension. If you’re feeling intense pain, try to take a break from cycling for a bit, such as exploring a local area on foot or stopping for a meal.

Saddle Sores

Saddle sores are another common cycling issue that affects newbies and veterans alike/ Painful red bumps can develop on your thighs and groin area, especially if you are travelling long distances. This is caused by friction, moisture and pressure.

The best way to manage this is to make sure your equipment and clothing are suitable. Find a seat that works well for you, as there are plenty of different shapes and contours. Make sure you wear ventilated shorts and undergarments during and after cycling. Try changing position and standing up while cycling, as changing position is a great way to reduce the risk of saddle sores.

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