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How Do I Prepare For My Cycling Holiday with Hooked on Cycling

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What should you do to prepare for your cycling holiday? Well, firstly this will depend on the difficulty of the tour you have selected. You can see our tour selector where you can find all our tours listed, along with the level of difficulty each tour is.

Once you have booked your cycling tour and you know exactly what level you have chosen then you can start preparing for the tour.

How Do I Prepare For My Cycling Holiday

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How Much To Prepare?

As mentioned above this depends on the level of fitness you have and the level of cycling holiday you have picked. If you have a basic fitness level and have chosen a level 1 or level 2 tour, then the amount of preparation does not have to be much. Try getting a little more active as the lighter nights arrive, go walking, do the odd bike rides and generally get more exercise. The more active you become the more enjoyable your cycling holiday will be.

If you have booked a level 3 tour, then this type of trip will be in a hillier region. For this type of holiday, you should try and cycle at least once per week, maybe twice preferably as you lead up to the trip. Do not just cycle in flat terrain but try and cycle up some hills.  This will help you prepare for some of the terrains you will face while on your cycling holiday abroad.

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Fluids & Food Intake

While going out on these training rides, you must always take fluids as well as some food with you. You should really start getting used to drinking often as many of our European cycle tours will be in warmer climates and keeping hydrated is essential. If you ever start feeling a little weak, first you should stop and take some food (small little bits and often is better than a huge meal). After 20-30 minutes you shall start to feel the energy coming back to your legs!

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Carrying Your Daily Items

As well as carrying food and water, you should remember to practice carrying your daily items as well. With our bike rental (Hybrid and e-bike) you will usually get a pannier bag for your daily items (camera, phone, maps, extra clothes). It is essential you practice carrying this extra weight on your practice rides at home before you depart for your holiday.

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Good fitting bike

Upon booking, you will be requested to send us your height for your rental bike (if you are renting one). We use your height to allocate you a bike. Upon arrival, check your bike is correct and feels comfortable. If your bike at home is correct then you shall know how to adjust your saddle when you arrive on holiday and pick up your bikes. If you want some advice on this send us an email.

There you have it, some of our tips for preparing for your cycling holiday. If you have any questions or want to book onto one of our many cycling holidays, then please do get in touch.

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