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Teaching Children Road Safety For While Out Cycling

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As my eldest son has just learnt to ride his bike, I will now be teaching him how to be safe while out on his bike. This will then hopefully mean we can cycle the school run together instead of me cycling and pulling the two boys in their trailer. I’m so grateful I can use an e-bike to pull them otherwise I think I’d need superpowers! Here are some tips for getting your children to learn about road safety while out on their bikes.

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Top Tips For Getting Your Children Road Ready

Wear A Helmet

For me, this is always a bugbear of mines; seeing children riding bikes, on scooters etc without a helmet. It is so dangerous and bad head injuries are easily prevented if parents taught their children to put on helmets before going out. A helmet won’t stop the accident but it can help protect your child from gaining a more serious head injury. Our two boys do not go out without a helmet, they don’t complain as we have taught them that no helmet means no bike.

Correct Fitting Bike & Make Sure Its Road Worthy

Also, another huge problem we often see is children on the wrong size bikes, which can cause problems including wobbly cycling and sore legs from being in the wrong position. We would advise you to get down to your local bike shop and get your child fitted correctly. You can also then get your local bike shop to check that the bike is 100% roadworthy and that nothing needs fixing before you head out on your adventure.

Teach Them The Rules Of The Road

Teaching your children the highway code and general road awareness can make your children have greater confidence while on their bikes. It is best to take your children somewhere quiet for the first few occasions so they can learn where to cycle safely and learning what you have taught them in a practical setting instead of just trying to remember what you have told them.

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For more great tips you can check out the Sustrans Website


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