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5 Challenging Walks To Tackle For A Walking Holiday

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Walking holidays abroad can be a great experience. Something a little different than your everyday holiday. Hiking in Europe can bring so many options for hikers that it can be daunting to decide where to go. We have decided on our 5 best hiking vacations, that offer that added bit of a challenge. These walks in Europe are for more experienced hiker. For those looking for an added challenge while enjoying their surroundings. From walking in Scotland to holidays in Italy we have the best walking holidays chosen just for you.

5 Challenging Walks To Tackle For A Walking Holiday

West Highland WayWest Highland Way

Scotland may not get the best weather for hiking. However, the West Highland Way is perfect for a challenge. With varying terrain, you will meet many like-minded people while out hiking. Having personally walked this route we came up with our top tips for walking the West Highland Way. You can also have a read our West Highland Way Walk Report. You may not be out walking in the mountains but this route is definitely not for beginners unless you train hard!

Hikers on a mountain trail

Bear Trek

Switzerland is a wonderful country to explore on foot. If you are looking for a challenge and love stunning mountain scenery, then our Bear Trail walking holiday is just the tour for you. While walking in Switzerland, you will cross several passes, but you will be rewarded for your hard work with stunning views. Along the route, you may also walk along parts of the Via Alpina, which is a network of 5 hiking trails across the eight countries in the Alpine region. It is a fantastic area for experienced hikers!

Val Maira

For quiet secluded mountains and breathtaking views, then Val Maira may just be for you. You certainly won’t find a mass of tourists in this area, so while it is still relatively quiet you must walk this route! Walking along the trails you may just decide to stay and not go home.

Eagles Nest

Eagles Nest

If you love alpine pastures then you should take a look at our Eagles Nest walking holiday. You will spend your week walking through these alpine pastures, before having the chance to visit Eagles Nest. This mountain top lodge sits high above the town of Berchtesgaden, which was gifted to Hilter for his 50th birthday.

Dolomite Mountains

Walking along well-maintained paths, you will still require a good level of fitness for this walking holiday in the Dolomite Mountains. However, you will not be disappointed as your efforts will be well rewarded with magnificent views. So after a days hike makes sure you sit and relax and enjoy the local cuisine and fresh air.

There you have it, our top 5 challenging walking holidays that you must do! Which one shall you be going on?

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