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Tips For While Out Hiking

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Whether you are out walking locally or abroad on a walking holiday, there are lots of tips and advice that you can find while searching the internet. Making sure you are safe while out hiking can be done with some simple steps. So, here are our tips for while out hiking.

Our Tips For While Out Hiking

Wear The Right Shoe and Clothing

We have mentioned before about walking shoes/boots but it is always best having properly fitted boots while out walking. Trainers do not offer great protection and you may end up with blisters if not wearing the correct footwear. When wearing boots make sure you have walking socks on as these will help prevent rubbing which may cause you to get blisters on your feet.

With regards to clothing, make sure you pack for the weather. Wear layers if needed and bring waterproofs if you are going to be walking somewhere that there could be a chance of rain. Lightweight and fast drying trousers can also be great for when you are out hiking, you can find these at your local outdoor shop.

Tell Someone Else If Out Alone

If you are going to go hiking by yourself, it always best to inform someone where you are heading and your planned route, so if something does go wrong they can inform the right people and have help to come find you. It may seem over the top but it could save your life if something did happen.

Arran Coastal Way

Enough Food and Liquid

If your hike involves going somewhere where you wont be able to stop and buy food and drink along the way, then you are best making sure you have enough food and drink to last you. There is nothing worse than running out of food and drink when you are in need an energy boost.

First Aid Kit

Inside your day pack, alongside your camera, food, drink etc you should carry a first aid kit. Having some this must have essential will mean you can treat minor injuries if you do have an accident while out hiking.

Scottish Highland Dream

Battery Charger

Having a power bank with you will mean if you loose charge of your phone along the hike you can charge it fully again. They are also useful for charging cameras, so you don’t miss those great landscape pictures!

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