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Walking on the Isle of Islay

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As part of our Island Hopping Walking Holiday in Scotland you will spend 3 nights on the lovely island of Islay. This island is known as the Queen of the Hebrides and is Scotland’s 5th largest island. Once on Islay, you will have a choice of 4 walks which range in distance. This means you can choose to do one of the longer walks on the island. Or if you wanted to have a day to explore then you could go on one of the shorter walks before exploring. Read about some of the walks available below

Sunset on Islay

Walking on the Isle of Islay

Laggan Point

This is a 14km circular walk which starts in the island’s capital of Bowmore. As you walk out of Bowmore to start your walk you will pass by the well-known Church called Kilarrow Parish Church. This church is circular in shape which is thought to ensure that there were no corners in which the devil could hide. Soon you will reach the coastline which you follow for nearly all of your walk. You will get great views of Port Charlotte and also if your lucky some wildlife.

There are a number of places for you to sit down on the grass and watch the world go by while out on this walk. We found a great area near Laggan Farm where we sat and had our picnic while watching the water come up onto the beach. Very relaxing indeed! This walk does have some road sections involved, however, the roads are not that busy compared to the mainland.

Ballygrant Circular

This walk is one of the longer choices but well worth the walk. You will walk north towards Finlaggan where you can make a detour to go visit. This is a beautiful settlement near to Loch Finlaggan, which is maintained by the Finlaggan Trust. You will continue north again to  Bunnahabhain where again you can make a detour to visit the distillery. You will then walk back via Loch Ballygrant with great views around you. There is plenty of choices for you to sit and enjoy your picnic lunch, where you can enjoy the outdoors. Enjoying Islay will not be hard and you may not want to return home after your stay!

Beach on Islay

If you have any questions or need help deciding which tour is best for you then please don’t hesitate in contacting us today.

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